GDBBM – Chapter 518

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Chapter 518: “The Relentless Little Tail in the Shadows (9)”

They would naturally keep it and exchange them for money. Without a doubt!

Fan Jin was not aware of their intentions and had taken out his own share of spirit stones for the others to distribute but was rejected by Hua Yao.

After filling up its tummy, Lord Meh Meh was finally willing to bother itself with these “ignorant humans”. In his eyes, only its “feedtress” was worth its attention.


After having heard Qiao Chu’s incessant grumblings, Lord Meh Meh raised its head and stared at its “feedstress”, a look of worry on its face.

Under the warm glow from the fire, Jun Wu Xie’s face did not show much of an expression but only had her head and eyes lowered, and was only nibbling at the rations held in her hand.

[But what if its “feedstress” were to think that it was trying to interfere with the humans’ affairs? What should it do then?]

Worried that it would be despised by the irreplaceable “feedstress” it had just found, Lord Meh Meh trotted over to stand right before Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie raised her head a little and looked at the dumb sheep before her eyes. She then reached out and ruffled the soft wool on the fluffy little sheep.


[My “Feedstress”, I will prove that I can contribute too!]

“?” Jun Wu Xie was rather puzzled.

Anxious to gain Jun Wu Xie’s approval, Lord Meh Meh turned its tiny little head and stuck its mouth into its thick covering of wool and rummaged through it vigorously.

After a while, it turned its head back with its mouth full. It then lowered its head and opened its mouth.

Clink, clatter, clunk…..

A heap of myriad coloured, in assorted sizes, spirit stones poured out and scattered around Jun Wu Xie’s feet.

“…..” Jun Wu Xie’s eyes widened at the sight.

The moaning Qiao Chu at the side suddenly found his jaw dropped to the ground…..

“These are Spirit Stones?” Fei Yan stretched out his hand, intending to pick up a piece to take a closer look at it, but before he could pick it up, a tiny hoof had suddenly stepped onto it possessively, refusing to let it budge!


[This is for my “Feedstress”!]

“…..” Fei Yan’s mouth twitched in annoyance. Although he did not understand what Lord Meh Meh was bleating about, but judging from the expression and Lord Meh Meh’s actions, its meaning couldn’t be any clearer, so Fei Yan had no choice but to release the spirit stone.

After Lord Meh Meh was satisfied, it finally lifted its little hoof off.

It then went to those spirit stones that had rolled a little further and pushed them with its tiny hooves to gather them all closer around Jun Wu Xie.

“Meh~”  and Lord Meh Meh raised its head proudly.

[Lord Meh Meh is the absolute best!]

Jun Wu Xie stared at the dumb sheep that was looking mighty proud of itself and remaining in that position trying so hard to win her praise, she relented and stretched out her hand to rubbed the sheep on its head.

“Meh~” The dumb sheep was extremely pleased and it trotted over to lie down beside Jun Wu Xie’s feet. Even though it had already eaten its fill, it found out that it was rather invigorating to lie down on the extra sweet smelling grass beside Jun Wu Xie!

[If it had known that its “feedstress” liked these sparkling stones so much, it would have kept all those sparkling stones from the Spirit Beasts it had killed in the past.]

The little black cat could not make itself look on and raised its paws over its eyes. The little cat could not come to terms with the fact that it had been scared off by this totally brainless and moronic example of a dumb sheep just yesterday.

[That was a “cat”astrophe! How humiliating!]

Qiao Chu stared at the heap of spirit stones, and his eyes were totally sparkling with greed. But with Fei Yan having set as a prime example, he did not dare lay his hands of them. But…..

“Little Xie, when we get back, what do you say we make a trip to the auction house?” The heap of spirit stones before him, sparkled just like a mountain of gold.

And based on his observation, all those spirit stones were not too small in size, looking to have been retrieved from a medium grade spirit beast at least, and mixed within that mesmerizing pile, he could see quite a number of high grade spirit stones as well!

Just that one mouthful from Lord Meh Meh had far surpassed what they had managed to slowly gather from days of fighting Spirit Beasts!

“Sure.” Jun Wu Xie nodded. She had almost depleted the banknotes she had with her and she intended to keep a portion of the Spirit Stones and wait till Long Qi and his men arrive at the Zephyr Academy to demand for an appropriate answer for the prior incident and have them bring them back to the Qi Kingdom. As for the rest, using them to beef up their financial resources would not be a bad idea.

The amount of money they had needed to raise to enroll into the Zephyr Academy had gradually made Jun Wu Xie aware that it was a necessity to have some money on them all the time!

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