GDBBM – Chapter 515

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Chapter 515: “The Relentless Little Tail in the Shadows (6)”

The Guardian grade Spirit Beast opened its humongous jaws and gave the black beast a mighty roar that sounded like it would split the skies!


We’re dead!

We’re so dead!

We’re so damned dead!

Everyone’s mind was in suddenly disarray. Nothing in the world would have made them thought that the tiny dumb sheep that had so doggedly shadowed Jun Wu Xie would turn out to be a Guardian grade Spirit Beast! And it was the same one that they had fought!

“Tell me please….. This is not real…..” Qiao Chu’s legs were suddenly feeling weak and he was holding on to Hua Yao’s shoulder for support in order to remain standing.

‘That dumb sheep was really the same Guardian grade Spirit Beast!?’

‘Were the Heavens making fools out of them?’

‘Had he really, just some time earlier, violated a Guardian grade Spirit Beast! ? And he had remained in one whole piece…..’

‘It was really great….. to be alive…..’

The one that was most shocked was actually Jun Wu Xie, however, not much of it actually showed on her face. She only stared wordlessly at the gigantic sized Spirit Beast, and no one knew what she was thinking.

The most miserable one among them was the black beast…..

As it had shouldered the responsibility of driving the sheep off, its entire body was now fully peppered with spit from the Guardian grade Spirit Beast.

As it stared at the exposed fang, that was as big as its entire body, reflecting its own image on its smooth white surface, the black beast almost lost its mind. It was thinking that its mistress had really done it this time!

“Meow~” The black beast turned tail, and tactfully slipped with a swoosh to jump up onto Jun Wu Xie’s shoulder in hiding, quickly reverting back to its little cat form as it sprinted and leapt!


[I almost died there!]

“……..” Jun Wu Xie patted the little black cat’s head reassuringly.

The Guardian grade Spirit Beast smirked as it saw the black beast revert to its black cat form and it raised its head smugly and snorted indignantly.

After that, the Spirit Beast lowered its enormous body flat upon the ground and stared with its massive eyes at Jun Wu Xie. Nine long tails swished happily behind it and they gradually began to fold back onto its body, wrapping and twisting, and the entire body of the Spirit Beast started to visibly shrink and decrease in size, until it turned into the mini sheep that had been tailing them, before it stopped.

“………” Qiao Chu’s mouth was badly twisted.

Fei Yan’s eyes were like saucers, as she gulped noisily.

Hua Yao and Rong Ruo exchanged glances and attempted to smile bitterly at each other.

Fan Jin had not recovered and made like a statue.

Tap, tap, tap.

The incredibly powerful dumb sheep trotted upon its short little hooves to come stand before Jun Wu Xie, a seemingly proud expression upon its upturned face, as it stretched its short hooves fully straight, attempting to stand as tall as it could.

“Why are you following me?” Jun Wu Xie finally realised the dumb sheep’s real identity. It was not a low grade Spirit Beast that did not possess any consciousness. It was actually Guardian grade Spirit Beast, capable of intelligence.

It, would understand what she said.

The dumb sheep trotted closer, and walked one circle around Jun Wu Xie’s feet. It lowered its head and chomped on a mouthful of fresh green grass, and raised its head, to allow Jun Wu Xie to see it chew and finally swallow the green grass in its mouth.


[The grass around you, is delicious~]

[Meh likes it~]  

Jun Wu Xie did not understand “sheep” and fortunately, the little black cat seemed to know what the dumb sheep meant, and translated it for Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie finally understood why a dumb looking tiny sheep, which in actual fact was an all powerful Guardian grade Spirit Beast, would keep following her.

As her ring spirit was a plant spirit, although people would not feel it, all plants around her would be able to sense Little Lotus’ essence, and under its influence, undergo a subtle change.

And this Guardian grade Spirit Beast here, had in the process of battling Jun Wu Xie, detected the scent from her, and been hence attracted by it.

Think, what kind of allure would more delicious and tastier green grass bring to a dumb sheep…..

The choice is unthinkably obvious!

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  1. Tinchen says:

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    Lol, i wonder who in the lower realm is stupid enough slander jun xie, now that she has a guardian ranked spirit by her side.

    • ComeOnBunny says:

      Everyone would still dare to slander her because Jun Xie hides her strength so they won’t know until it is too late. A lot of the woe she faced at Zephyr Academy was due to dishonesty from the Spirit Healer, and that Zi guy(Who didn’t deserve to die she was wrogg for that)

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