GDBBM – Chapter 514

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Chapter 514: “The Relentless Little Tail in the Shadows (5)”

A snow white spherical ball of wool dashed forward, its short tiny little hooves fully extended!

Jun Wu Xie could spot the ball of white unidentifiable object from afar, dashing madly all the way straight at her!



[Oh no! I will be discovered!]

Just before it got to the spot right before Jun Wu Xie, the tiny sheep jammed its short little hooves to a sudden halt! But the built up momentum continued to carry it forward and the tiny round wooly ball fell onto the soft green grass. The tiny sheep panicked! It hurriedly raised up its two short front hooves to quickly cover its eyes completely.

[You cannot see me, you cannot see me.]

“…..” Jun Wu Xie stared at the tiny sheep right in front of her. She was speechless…..

Qiao Chu erupted into another bout of hysterical laughter.

You’ve tumbled, rolled and stopped right by our feet for goodness sake!

Covering your eyes does not mean no one can see you!

Can you come to your sheep “shenses”!!?

“Go.” Jun Wu Xie turned resolutely and walked away, not wanting to give the tiny white ball another glance.

Qiao Chu could not stop guffawing as turned and followed behind Jun Wu Xie and the others.

The tiny sheep finally peeked out under its hoof. And when it saw the departing back of Jun Wu Xie, it hopped up onto its four little hooves and followed behind, its hard hooves tapping on the ground.

Throughout the rest of the journey, whenever Jun Wu Xie stopped her feet, Qiao Chu would always find a dumb tiny sheep whenever he turned his head behind to look, lying flat on the ground, its tiny front hooves covering its eyes…..

And once Jun Wu Xie resumed walking, that dumb tiny sheep would follow, its hooves tapping on the ground once again. That tiny sheep was sure….. exceptionally determined!

Till the moon was almost dipping behind the mountains in the west, the tiny sheep was still keeping at it, following behind Jun Wu Xie all the way, maintaining a fixed distance away from each other.

Finally, Jun Wu Xie was feeling rather helpless.

“Little Black.”


“Drive it away.”


[Understood! Scare it away! It will be done!]

The little black cat jumped to the ground from Jun Wu Xie’s shoulders and walked with poise and grace as it approached the dumb tiny sheep that was still hiding behind its hooves.

Qiao Chu and the others watched on with interest, trying their hardest to suppress the mirth and laughter threatening to burst forth in their chests.

“Meow.” Little black stood before the dumb sheep, its stance incorrigibly arrogant, its eyes looking down in contempt.

“Meh?” The tiny dumb sheep slowly lowered its hooves very slightly, and peeked over them a little to see the little black cat standing before it.

[I’ve been discovered! I’ve been discovered! Meh!!!]

At that moment, the tiny sheep was in a panic and every single strand of wool on its body almost stood out on their ends!

The little black cat stared at the tiny dumb sheep as it weaved about in circles in a state of panic, and found itself speechless. It licked on its paws and suddenly morphed into its black beast form! It opened its jaws wide, exposing its sharp pointed fangs, and gave out a full bodied ear shattering roar directed right at the tiny dumb sheep that was merely at size of its head!

“ROAR! ! !”

The sound reverberated, and the soft wool on the tiny sheep’s body was pushed back from the mighty roar!

The tiny dumb sheep stared wide eyed at the ferocious and majestic black beast, and it froze, like a little sheep statue on the ground!

The black beast tipped up its nose and snorted contemptuously, feeling very pleased at the expression of utter shock on the tiny dumb sheep, its tail swishing happily behind.

[Little sheep, run before I eat you up!]

The tiny dumb sheep had not moved and its four hooves finally started to take a few steps backwards then.

Just as everyone had thought that they were about to lose the persistent little sheep from the fright the black beast had given it, an astounding sight materialised right before their very eyes!

The tiny dumb sheep, after having taken a few steps backwards, all the wool on its tiny body started to give out a brilliant and blinding light. The grass beneath its hooves started to rustle though there was no wind! A whirlwind suddenly kicked up, swirling fiercely around the tiny body, enveloping it completely!

The blinding brilliance exploded! And everyone had to avert their eyes!

The brilliant light intensified and grew into a humongous glowing body! The rays of light then started to gradually disappear as they dispersed into the air!

A gigantic and unbelievably massive Spirit Beast suddenly stood before their astounded eyes.

The gigantic Spirit Beast was no stranger to all of them there. It was the exact same Guardian grade Spirit Beast that had attacked the men from the Rui Lin Army just days before!

Before the sudden appearance of the gargantuan Guardian grade Spirit Beast, the massive black beast suddenly looked to be so tiny!

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