GDBBM – Chapter 513

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Chapter 513: “The Relentless Little Tail in the Shadows (4)”

It was early the next day when Jun Wu Xie and her teammates awoke. The tiny sheep was still sleeping and Jun Wu Xie gestured for all of them to remain silent. Qiao Chu and all the rest of the gang slipped soundlessly down the tree and ran away without a whisper.

It wasn’t until the tiny sheep awoke and raised its little head to peer into the treetops, that all the wool on its wooly body suddenly almost jumped out of its body in fright!

“MEH! ! !”

[Where did they go!?]

“Bwah ha ha ha!!!!! You’re really killing me! If you don’t want that little fella following us, just throw him somewhere further away! But you made us all sneak off silently! Ha ha ha! I can’t….. My stomach hurts….. Brother Hua….. save me…..” Qiao Chu had been laughing hysterically throughout the journey. Even the high grade Spirit Beasts were not a match for this group but they had been forced to escape sneakily from a persistent tiny sheep. It’s was absolutely hilarious.

“Moron! Scram!” Fei Yan kicked away Qiao Chu who was about to taint Hua Yao with his “dirty paws”, his face creased up in disgust.

“But I am rather curious though, Little Xie, why are you not willing to keep that little fella? It is rather cute, isn’t it?” Rong Ruo was rather puzzled by Jun Wu Xie’s reaction. She could see how much Jun Wu Xie loved furry little animals, and logically, wouldn’t Jun Wu Xie be happy to have the moronic little sheep follow her?

“Will die.” Jun Wu Xie said, frowning slightly.

Rong Ruo was taken aback, but knew what she meant.

Although the lifespans of Spirit Beasts were longer than ordinary livestock, but still shorter when with compared to a human’s lifespan. A Spirit Beast that belonged to such a low grade might just live a little more than a decade and Jun Wu Xie did not want to keep it as she was afraid the little beast would die on her one day and she did not want to deal with the heartbreak that would be sure to come.

If it stayed by her for a long period, feelings were bound to develop, and it was the same even for the usually cold Jun Wu Xie.

Hence, no matter how much she loved it, she would not allow herself to grow attached to the little fella with its short lifespan. She hated to see anything that she truly loved die before her eyes.

She might always seem cold and distant, but once she developed an attachment, it was difficult for her to cut ties.

Although she absolutely adored those cute and furry animals, but she allowed herself to only interact with them occasionally, and would never grow too close to any particular one.

The little black cat was an exception, due to the fact that as long as she lived, it would be able to accompany her till the end.

Rolly was another exception as it was a powerful ring spirit and it would not die under normal circumstances.

When they would not be parted by life and death, she would not have any misgivings about it.

“Cough….. Rolly will live a longer life than me! Do you want me to summon Rolly to cuddle?” Qiao Chu asked, suddenly coming beside Jun Wu Xie. He had always felt, despite Jun Wu Xie’s cold and icy personality, the words she says sometimes made one’s heart cringe in bitter sympathy..

It might be her extraordinary intelligence that made her much too aware of the potential heartbreaks, that caused her to restraint herself so pitifully.

At such a young age, but bogged down with so much misgivings causing her to restraint herself from the things she loved, wouldn’t that be very tiring?

Jun Wu Xie shook her head and when she looked up and saw Qiao Chu and the others looking at her with a “You’re so pitiful, so heart wrenching” expression on their faces, she was rather surprised.

‘Had she just said anything wrong?’

‘Why are all their expressions so weird?’

“Meow.” The little black cat swished its tail as it rested on Jun Wu Xie’s shoulder.

[Do not use your own logic to assess the average person. Your words will always make them think that you are just a pitiful person with a tragic past, and you are just silently repressing your real self.]

Jun Wu Xie felt a slight twitch at one corner of her mouth.

She did not think she was pitiful in anyway, not even once!

After she was reborn, she had felt the bliss that she had never felt before!

The noisy banter continued as they went along on their way as they set their sights on the next target. They easily overcame the Spirit Beast who actually had a tear in its eye when it died.

Then, a small tiny white figure was once again hidden behind a line of trees not too far away. The round eyes sparkled as it stared at Jun Wu Xie standing just beside Fan Jin.

[Found them! Meh~!]

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    Tiny creature….
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