GDBBM – Chapter 512

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Chapter 512: “The Relentless Little Tail in the Shadows (3)”

Jun Wu Xie’s eyebrow raised slightly. The tiny sheep suddenly lowered its head and opened its tiny mouth and started to chew on the green grass around Jun Wu Xie’s feet, seemingly savouring it exceptionally.

“This Spirit Beast isn’t afraid of humans? Is it because its grading is beyond low?” Qiao Chu said laughing with tears in his eyes. This was the first time he had seen such a bumbling and foolish Spirit Beast. When other low grade Spirit Beasts sensed that humans were nearby, they would have ran and disappeared immediately without leaving a trace. But as for this little fella here, even after being repeatedly violated by them, it was still not afraid and still hanging around them.

And it was even feeding itself happily in enjoyment!

Wasn’t it afraid that they might kill it?

“Judging based on its size, it looks to be still an infant born not too long ago and still not too conscious of its surroundings, totally oblivious to danger.”  Rong Ruo said, finding the tiny sheep rather lovable.

“Have you ever seen a sheep that was just born possessing such a thick layer of wool?” Qiao Chu challenged with an eyebrow raised, and Rong Ruo could not answer.

The tiny sheep seemed not to have heard Qiao Chu and just continued to chomp, chomp, chomp….. Not even raising its tiny head once.

Jun Wu Xie shifted her feet a little to the side to allow the tiny sheep a little more room to carrying on with its feeding, but she had not expected to see after she had barely shifted two steps that the tiny sheep followed right behind her, its little hooves tapping on the ground.

Jun Wu Xie stopped her gait and the tiny sheep halted as well, and lowered its head and continued to chomp on the grass.

“….. Does that mean the little fella likes Little Xie? I know birds go through a nestling stage, but sheep….. do that too?” Qiao Chu asked, scratching at his head.

“No, they don’t.” Hua Yao affirmed confidently.

Light was starting to fade gradually and the temperature around the Spirit Moon Lake was dropping. Jun Wu Xie and her team had had a long day and they needed to rest. They repeated the same old trick and scrambled up high into the trees!

The tiny sheep that had been feeding on the grass around Jun Wu Xie’s feet saw that Jun Wu Xie was suddenly moving and it gave up on its feeding and trotted after her.


The tiny sheep looked up into the trees that looked sky high from its perspective and stared after Jun Wu Xie as she shot herself up quickly into the canopies, as despair filled the tiny sheep’s teary eyes.

“Meh~ Meh~”

“Wanna bring it up?” Qiao Chu looked down now almost negligible white speck at the bottom of the tall tree, thinking that tiny sheep was really persistent.

“No need.” Jun Wu Xie said coldly. As she pulled her clothes tightly around her to lie down, she let a porcelain bottle that contained the medicine that could keep Spirit Beasts away slip from her hand to fall down beside the tree. The tiny sheep was startled and it hopped aside in surprise. When it did not see any other reaction, it bravely walked over and lowered its tiny head to sniff warily at it before nudging the bottle a few times with its nose.

“You are afraid that it would be eaten up by other Spirit Beasts?” Qiao Chu had spotted Jun Wu Xie’s actions and he asked with a wide smile on his face.

She had asked him to not bother with the little fella, but she had softheartedly dropped that bottle herself. But there was one thing…..

Qiao Chu deeply suspected that, with that dumb little sheep’s low intellect, would it know that that bottle would be its life saviour when things got nasty?

“Sleep.” Jun Wu Xie turned her body and closed her eyes to rest. Qiao Chu and the others kept their thoughts to themselves and went to sleep, with mirth on their faces.

At the bottom of the tree, the persistent tiny sheep was still bleating softly. After some time, night fell and darkness enveloped them. The tiny sheep at the bottom of the tree seemed to have grown tired and its bleating stopped. It trotted around on its little hooves and leaned up against the roots of the tree to rest. After it laid itself down, it did not forget to take a bite of the green grass on the ground. Only this time, it did not swallow and its tiny face creased up in disgust, and it hurriedly spat out all the grass it had just put into its mouth.


[Not nice, not nice at all.]

The mournful tiny sheep grumbled in its mind, as it closed its eyes, falling asleep while feeling aggrieved, a crystalline tear lightly sparkled hanging from the corner of its eye..

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