GDBBM – Chapter 511

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Chapter 511: “The Relentless Little Tail in the Shadows (2)”

Hua Yao shot Qiao Chu a depreciating look that would translate to “Are you an idiot?”.

Fei Yan literally rolled his eyes at Qiao Chu shamelessness and continued to tease, “By that time, who would want your old brittle bones? They would have become useless.”

“Brother Hua will love to have it! Right? Brother Hua?” Qiao Chu asked, fawning coyly at Hua Yao with a pitiful puppy eyed look on his face.

Hua Yao refused to even look at him.

Rong Ruo watched them banter with a light laugh and reached out her hand to offer some rations to Fan Jin who had been silent all this while. Fan Jin gave Rong Ruo a bitter smile and nodded in appreciation, secretly envious of the close ties that Qiao Chu enjoyed with his comrades. He knew he treaded a different path from these guys especially after all the recent incidents that had rocked the Zephyr Academy, and Fan Jin only felt deeply ashamed and a sense of guilt towards Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie was still dogged by a strange feeling that something was not right. The feeling that she was being watched had appeared once again but she had not seen any fleeting shadows this time.

And that same situation surfaced once again the next day. Jun Wu Xie and the team had just hunted down a high grade Spirit Beast when that feeling struck her once more.

This time, she did not try to search for it, but to secretly summon Ye Sha.

However, when Ye Sha came back to them, Jun Wu Xie was greatly shocked.

She only saw a rotund wooly little sheep gripped in Ye Sha’s hand. Its rounded spherical shaped body looked very much like a wooly snowball. Two tiny horns curled on the top of the little sheep’s head, and it’s round eyes were brimming over with tears as it looked straight at Jun Wu Xie.

“This is….. a Spirit Beast?” Qiao Chu was staring in wide eyed wonder. He looked at the tiny Spirit Beast who was not much bigger than the little black cat and thought what a wonderful world he was living in.

Qiao Chu stretched out his finger to poke at the tiny sheep’s little body and the little fella trembled a little.


Jun Wu Xie’s eyes flashed, but she made no action.

“This Spirit Beast has been tailing our Young Miss.” Ye Sha stated.

“Huh? That’s strange. It’s such a tiny Spirit Beast, it must belong to the lower grades. First grade? Why was it following Little Xie for?” The soft fluffy feel made Qiao Chu enjoy himself tremendously and he ravaged the tiny sheep’s soft wool, rubbing it vigorously.

Gripped in Ye Sha’s hand, the tiny sheep’s four little hooves kicked and struggled endlessly but it was unable to escape from Qiao Chu’s violation, and could only bleat helplessly going “Meh~ Meh~~”.

“HAHAHA!” Qiao Chu was getting carried away, and was beginning to get a glimpse into the reason why Jun Wu Xie loved Rolly so much.


One of the tiny sheep’s front hoof suddenly hit Qiao Chu right on the bridge of his nose. The little but hard hoof had left a red glowing imprint right on the bridge of Qiao Chu’s nose.

Qiao Chu was suddenly still.

“Young Miss, how do you want me to deal with this?” Ye Sha asked.

“Give me.” Jun Wu Xie stretched out her hand. The little black cat on her shoulder silently swept its tail over its eyes.

When the tiny sheep was in Jun Wu Xie’s arms, it turned itself over completely, and they saw that even its underbelly was covered in soft fluffy white wool and it really closely resembled a white spherical ball.


Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed, as she looked at the tiny wool ball in her arms, and drew in a slight breath.

She hugged it tight!

Rubbed its fluffy wool!

“Meh! Meh!”

“…..” Qiao Chu had the others fell speechless, and laughter soon erupted among the teammates. Seeing the tiny sheep cuddled, stroked and rubbed all over by Jun Wu Xie made them all roar out in laughter.

Outraging a Spirit Beast’s modesty, only Jun Wu Xie would be capable of such a thing.

After Jun Wu Xie was satiated, she squatted down and put the tiny sheep on the ground. The tiny sheep was still dizzy from Jun Wu Xie’s ravaging and was slightly swaying as it stood. It shook its head vigorously to clear the dizziness. After it cleared its mind, it tried to turn its head to look behind itself but found its view obstructed by its own fluffed up and abundant wool on its body and could not see anything else. It finally decided that it had no other choice and it started to raise its four little hooves up one at a time and turned itself slowly around before it raised its head to look at Jun Wu Xie.


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