GDBBM – Chapter 50

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Chapter 50: “Slapping one’s face – Again and again…and again (2)”

“Young Master, I was wondering if you have another bottle of the same elixir with you? I am willing to use anything to trade it with you. All I want is to let my beloved woman be happy by getting a suitable present for her, please help me fulfill this wish.” Mo Xuan Fei arrogantly stepped between the two as he voiced his intentions.

He did not know what backing this kid had, but this trip today was to cheer Bai Yun Xian up, if not this would all have been for naught. He didn’t have any more ideas to cheer her up.

That old man did not know his stuff and did not want the Qing Yun Pill. He, however, treated a nameless elixir with an unknown origin as a precious treasure. He wanted to show that with his identity and resources he could get his hands on whatever he wanted! That fool of an old man should awaken from his stupor.

Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes as she looked at Mo Xuan Fei.

Hmph. All these years, these people from the Imperial Palace kept looking for trouble with her Lin Palace. They’ve been bullying her dear grandfather and uncle for so long. They are really asking for retribution.

These pills she made herself? She’d rather feed the dogs than to give it to him.

“Not trading.” She said coldly.

You want elixir? Maybe in your next life. Now? I can consider feeding you poison. With compliments – at no extra charge at all!

When the old man first rejected him, he felt as if his face was being slapped. Once again, within a short span, this little kid in front ‘slapped’ his face yet again! Mo Xuan Fei had never felt so humiliated in his entire life! He was raging inside, his face was utterly black and ugly to the extreme.  (TL: It’s more like a metaphor when ‘he lost his face’ it’s as though someone slapping his face)

Mo Xuan Fei’s timely interruption made Jun Wu Xie change her mind.

She immediately took a step to the side and asked the old man: “I can give you another two bottles as well! Just give me all the Spiritual Gems with the similar attributes as the first two you offered me.” Jun Wu Xie casually pointed to the new pile of gems the old man had taken out from the pouch.

All eyes were shocked wide open, how many bottles of elixir did he have? Looking at this reckless kid casually pointing to the Spiritual Gems as though he was choosing fish in the market. He chose all the similar attributes to the first pair the golden couple had their eyes on.

This sudden turn of event shocked everyone silly. At first he had rejected the old man’s offer, however even though Mo Xuan Fei had put up a ridiculously generous offer for the unknown elixir, the kid actually rejected Mo Xuan Fei as well. The craziest thing was that after Mo Xuan Fei made his offer, the kid changed his mind instantly.

Everyone’s attention was now on the golden couple, they were all focused on the couples’ reaction.

Mo Xuan Fei nodded in approval as he felt much better.

This kid was really clever! He had understood the hidden meaning behind Mo Xuan Fei’s proposal. By refusing him, the kid could change all the Spiritual Gems and present it to Bai Yun Xian and himself for other treasures. The kid had settled the whole matter beautifully.

The old man did not care for the reason, as long as he got his hands on the wondrous elixir, and it was not only one! The kid had two more! What a fruitful encounter!

“Ok, I’ll get it for you.” Without a trace of hesitation, the old man begin picking out the various gems as he was smiling and humming a tune.

Jun Wu Xie took out another two bottles and passed it to the old man.

Jun Wu Xie tucked the nine Eastern Pearls away safely and took some Spiritual Gems in her hand. She looked at the sparkly beads in her hand and looked over at Mo Xuan Fei and Bai Yun Xian.

The couple had on a relieved expression while their eyes betrayed them as their eyes were burning with desire for those Spiritual Gems in her hands.

Everyone was waiting anxiously in anticipation. Waiting for that kid to pass these treasures to the Second Prince as the kid picked up two gems with two fingers.


Everyone focused on the two Spiritual Gems held between the fingers and mouth dropped open when they saw the boy crushing the Spiritual Gems, as the broken gems turned into specks of sparkling stars falling to the ground.

Jun Wu Xie blankly looked at the couple in front and little by little, her hands began crushing all the priceless Spiritual Gems in her palm, turning them into stardust. She then casually dusted all the sparkly dust off her two hands after doing the deed.

Spiritual Gems may be more priceless than precious gems however their toughness was their main flaw. They were very brittle, being the main reason why they were so rare as well. If one was not careful, it would easily turn into dust.

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