GDBBM – Chapter 500

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Chapter 500:“Homesickness (3)”

The Duke and His Highness might not have shown their grief, but Long Qi who knew the two men from the Jun Family very well knew that they missed Jun Wu Xie terribly.

“Not for now.” Jun Wu Xie shook her head.

Long Qi opened his mouth as if to say something but decided to remain silent in the end.

Qiao Chu, Hua Yao and the rest looked at Jun Wu Xie silently, theirs hearts going out for Jun Wu Xie.

Long Qi and his men did not know the reason why Jun Wu Xie was refusing to return home.

But Jun Wu Xie’s comrades knew the reason very well. It was because of the Snow Lotus within her. She could be found out by the Twelve Palaces anytime and once that happened, the nightmare would begin.

The rarity of a plant type ring spirit was reason enough to alarm the monstrous entities from the Twelve Palaces. And once they moved to descend onto the Lower Realm to seize it, Jun Wu Xie would not stand a chance to be able to live through it, even with the protection of the powerful Rui Lin Army. The Twelve Palaces would completely exterminate Jun Wu Xie, her family members, and the whole Rui Lin Army.

Having personally experienced the merciless cruelty of the Twelve Palaces, Qiao Chu and the others did not believe for a moment that the Twelve Palaces would show any mercy.

Jun Wu Xie’s choice, was made with an intention to protect the Lin Palace and the Rui Lin Army from harm.

“Alright, we should start moving. Aren’t we supposed to look for Aqua Spirit Grass? Let’s hurry before that fumbling Spirit Beast decides to come back here.” Qiao Chu could not bear to see Jun Wu Xie’s sad eyes any longer and he bolstered himself and tried to disperse the gloomy atmosphere with a laugh.

“Let’s go.” Long Qi realised that the words he had said might bring some measure of discomfort to Jun Wu Xie and he agreed to Qiao Chu’s suggestions quickly.

Everyone in that convoy seems to have come to an unspoken consensus and no one spoke another word about it as they made their way towards the Spirit Moon Lake. The wounded soldiers were all feeling much better after receiving treatment except for the soldiers who had gotten his arm reattached, who needed his comrades to help him as they moved out.

With Qiao Chu frivolous and funny antics lightening up the mood, the journey was filled with smiles and sounds of laughter. Fei Yan joined in and formed a duet with Qiao Chu which warmed the hearts of everybody.

Jun Wu Xie carried the little black cat who had shrunk its form and walked in the middle of the group. The pangs of longing still tugged at her heart, a feeling still unfamiliar to her, and allowing Jun Wu Xie to experience clearly, what longing felt like.

Would Grandfather and Uncle be angry with her for not bidding goodbye?

“We will definitely find the Dark Emperor’s tomb.” Hua Yao had suddenly appeared beside Jun Wu Xie unnoticed and said in a whisper that only the two of them could hear.

Jun Wu Xie raised her head, her calm eyes showing a slight tinge of surprise.

Hua Yao’s handsome features broke into a genuine and heartfelt smile. He looked at Jun Wu Xie and rubbed on Jun Wu Xie’s head a little before he said: “After we all become strong, shall we all go back together with you?”

Jun Wu Xie appeared to be surprised. The dull ache in her chest seemed to be getting slowly displaced by a soft spreading warmth. The ache was gradually fading and replaced by a feeling that was both sour and numbing.

“What? Are we not welcome?” Hua Yao cracked a rare joke, taking a gentle swipe at Jun Wu Xie, the tear shaped mole at the edge of his eye making his face look more alluring as he smiled.

“Not that.” Jun Wu Xie shook her head, the cold expression on her face cracking a little as the faintest of smiles curled her lips ever so slightly. “Grandfather and Uncle would like all of you.”

“I’ll assume that’s a deal.” Hua Yao heaved a sigh of relief. Jun Wu Xie was always so independent and strong willed but they had seen today that that stone cold heart had a soft side to it as well. She was still human and that revelation made the companions begin to want to show tenderness and concern for their little devilish companion.

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