GDBBM – Chapter 499

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Chapter 499: Homesickness (2)

“Master Mu is extremely concerned for our bodies’ condition and the Duke has approved for him to deploy up to ten members of the Rui Lin Army any way he deems fit to assist him in developing elixirs for us.” Long Qi’s tone was calm, but it was not hard to see that he held great respect for Mu Chen.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyebrow raised suddenly.

The Rui Lin Army was Jun Xian’s pride and joy. Every single soldier was highly prized. Even the original owner of her body had not been allowed to move a single soldier in the Rui Lin Army which showed just how much Jun Xian did not allow just anyone to give orders to his prized army. And by allowing Mu Chen to freely deploy up to ten soldiers in the Rui Lin Army, it told of the trust Jun Xian had for Mu Chen.

Based on Jun Xian’s reaction, Jun Wu Xie knew that Mu Chen had been really sincere in keeping his promise to Jun Wu Xie in the Cloudy Peaks.

Mu Chen was indeed a man of his words.

“Grandfather and Uncle….. How are they?” The one question that had been suppressed in her heart, and one that she had hesitated so long to ask. Jun Wu Xie had been silent a long while before she could not help herself but to ask.

She had never experienced nor known about what homesickness was, and it was only after she had left the Lin Palace that gave her her first taste of it.

She missed Jun Xian’s kind and benevolent smile, missed Jun Qing’s jovial laughter. Even when she tried not to go think about it, it would still always surface in her mind.

Long Qi looked at Jun Wu Xie, his eyes suddenly softening. A faint smile appeared on his lips but he lowered his head to hide it. “The Duke and His Highness are fine. Except that they both….. miss you a lot.”  

She could suddenly hear her heartbeat clearly.

Jun Wu Xie lowered her eyes, to wipe away the disappointment filling up in her eyes.

She missed Grandfather and Uncle a lot too….. But she couldn’t go back yet.

She was afraid. Afraid that if she went back, she would become greedy for the warmth brought by her family, and soften her heart and will.

The bitter lesson with the Qing Yun Clan had taught her that even if she did not go out to provoke anybody, others would target and hunt her down as she possessed the rare Snow Lotus.

Although the Water of Heaven’s Spring in the Heaven’s Flask allowed her to hide the Snow Lotus’ presence and others would not be able to find it, she did not want to live her life like a fugitive, hiding and living without purpose.

As long as the Snow Lotus remained to be her ring spirit, and as long as she still lived in this world, danger could be hiding just around the next corner anytime. She was currently still too weak and vulnerable and was not able to take on the Twelve Palaces. If any of the Twelve Palaces were to find out about her real identity, she would not be the only one, but the whole Jun Family and the Rui Lin Army would surely be implicated.

The might of the Middle Realm was something Jun Wu Xie had seen and experienced herself. That overwhelming and unbelievable strength was enough to drive people to despair and was able to smash everything she held dear to her heart in a blink.

Her home, her family.

She must not go back!

No matter how much she missed home, she could not return. At the moment she realised that she must stay, Jun Wu Xie decided that she would accompany Qiao Chu and the others to find the Dark Emperor’s tomb, to gain the treasures and inherit its strength and power, to fully eradicate all the enemies who were eyeing the Snow Lotus!

She wanted to become stronger, strong enough to make people not dare to covet any of her possessions, strong enough to prevent anyone from hurting a single hair on the people she dearly loved.

That was Jun Wu Xie’s resolution. She would use the longing she had to see Jun Xian, the longing she had to see Jun Qing, and turn it into endless motivation for her to seek strength.

Only after she had erased all the threats in this world, would she be able to return to the Lin Palace without worry. To return to her most cherished home, as she did not want to bring any of the dangers following her anywhere close to her family.

“Young Miss, are you….. really not going to return?” Long Qi saw Jun Wu Xie lower her eyes, and he suddenly felt his heart wince.

The Lin Palace without Jun Wu Xie, had suddenly felt to be greatly lacking, and everyone in there, still felt a great sense of loss.

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