GDBBM – Chapter 501

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Chapter 501:”Consecutive Slaps – Fourth Form (1)”

She was still a young little girl after all wasn’t she? As her “older siblings”, they would not allow their “little sister” to feel so dejected.

“After we retrieve the Aqua Spirit Grass, why don’t we get Qiao Chu to summon Rolly out to give you a great big hug?” Hua Yao suggested, playing on Jun Wu Xie’s big “weakness”.

Just as expected, the mere mention of Rolly’s name made Jun Wu Xie’s eyes light up. She lifted her head and nodded firmly agreeing to Hua Yao’s suggestion happily!

Hua Yao was speechless as he led Jun Wu Xie to join up with the rest of the group.

The group moved, with sounds of boisterous laughter frequently erupting. But someone was intent on coming in to spoil the party, to throw a wet blanket on that celebratory and happy mood.

Lu Wei Jie and his team had remained at the spot after Ning Xin had left, waiting for the windfall that he expected to fall into his lap. He waited for awhile longer after the roars from the Spirit Beast had died down before he gathered up his courage to move out towards the spot they had led the Spirit Beast to attack the men from the Rui Lin Army. But he suddenly found himself faced with Jun Wu Xie and her group when he arrived at the Spirit Moon Lake!

“Senior Lu, it’s them!” A sharp eyed disciple saw with one glance that the group was Long Qi and his men. With that single glance, the disciple also caught sight of Fan Jin and a few other disciples wearing the Zephyr Academy’s uniform!

Lu Wei Jie froze. He had not expected that Long Qi and his men would come out of that battle alive. Having faced off with a Guardian grade Spirit Beast, the only result could only be inevitable doom!

Long Qi and his men might have sustained injuries, but the wounds did not look to be too serious, and they looked to be in good spirits.

That was a scene that Lu Wei Jie would never expect himself to see.

“Damned wretches! You still dare to show your face before us! ?” The tempers of the Rui Lin Army soldiers that had almost lost their lives to the Guardian grade Spirit Beast flared when they spotted the scoundrels who had led the Spirit Beast onto them. If they had not fallen prey to their insidious scheme, they would not have fallen to such a wretched state now!

That angry shout turned Lu Wei Jie’s blood to ice immediately. Long Qi and his men were still alive and their ploy to get them killed by the Guardian grade Spirit Beast would be made known to everyone! What was he supposed to do next?

“Run!” Lu Wei Jie did not dare to remain at his spot a moment longer. It suddenly dawned on him why Ning Xin and Yin Yan had withdrawn from the Spirit Hunt so suddenly. It had not been by accident and they must have found out that Long Qi and his men had survived and escaped by announcing their withdrawal!

Long Qi’s skills and power were way above theirs and his men were no meek mice either. When the Rui Lin Army come after them to settle scores, it would only spell the end for all of them!

When those thoughts came into his mind, Lu Wei Jie cursed colourfully at Ning Xin and Yin Yan who had safely escaped on their own. They had obviously known that Long Qi and his men had survived but they had not told them a single word about it and allowed them to think they could still gain the loot easily. They had remained there to wait senselessly and were now caught red handed by Long Qi and his men!

Lu Wei Jie picked up his legs and ran mindlessly. All his teammates followed, running for their lives.

Long Qi’s eyes narrowed dangerously. As the head of an army of battle hardened men, he had allowed himself to be tricked by these young youths and he felt deeply ashamed of having led his men into such danger.

“Run? Not so easy!” Long Qi shouted and the five other Rui Lin Army soldiers who had sustained lighter injuries split immediately as they moved without a word. The years spent on the battlefield, wading through hordes of enemies gave the men speed and determination that the young disciples of the Zephyr Academy could not hope to match. Even with the wounds on their tired bodies, the men easily caught up with the youths!

The youths were running in all directions and they were picked up and caught one by one, roughly thrown onto the hard ground. Lu Wei Jie used all his spiritual power to make a straight beeline, trying his best to pull away from Long Qi and his men. Alas, Long Qi had his eye on him and went straight after him.

Lu Wei Jie turned his head and wanted to strike out with his spiritual power, but before he could even see where Long Qi had disappeared to, he found Long Qi’s foot driven straight into his abdomen and before he knew it, he found himself sailing a long way up into the air!

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