GDBBM – Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: “Slapping one’s face – Again and again…and again (1)”

“I do not know if this elixir would interest dear Elder?” Just as Mo Xuan Fei was wallowing in frustration, a small voice came from the crowd as a small figure squeezed out.

A fair young boy around the age of fourteen finally emerged out from the crowd, holding onto a small white porcelain bottle in one hand. He strutted to the stall and handed it over to the old man.

“Hey kid, do you think this is a party? Just squeezing in and following other peoples footsteps by simply handing in any elixir you have with you? For goodness sake, the old man just rejected the Qing Yun Pill ah! THE Qing Yun Pill! Do you even know what that entails? Careful he doesn’t throw it right back in your face!” A rowdy bystander heartily added oil to the fire.

Jun Wu Xie simply ignored the others as she looked at the old man.

The old man looked at the fair boy standing in front and got up as he reached for the bottle. “Little boy, what do you want to change it for?”

“Eastern Pearls.” Jun Wu Xie replied.

“Oh.” The old man casually opened the bottle. Once he opened the bottle, a sweet refreshing scent of herbs mixed with a hint of lotus permeated the surrounding. Those that were near enough had the luxury to inhale this immediately felt physically and mentally more comfortable.

Those gathered close to the stall could not help but let out an involuntary sigh as they felt their mind at ease and their spirits uplifted.

The old man’s once clouded eyes seemed to have regained their brightness, all the apprehensiveness dissipated away as he raised his head and looked at Jun Wu Xie with a bewildered expression.

“Little boy, what is this elixir? What is the name of it?”  The old man asked in an urgent tone.

“It doesn’t have a name. It’s just a regular blood conditioning elixir.” Jun Wu Xie had not bothered to come up with names for these as they were created simply for Jun Xian and Jun Qing’s body conditioning, part of their recuperation regime. She did not need to waste time on something so trivial.

“How much do you want to trade it for? How about this? You give me this bottle and you can take these nine Eastern Pearls and choose any other three Spiritual Gems?” The old man’s nostrils flared up as he asked in an overly excited tone and looked at Jun Wu Xie with sparkly eyes. He folded his hands across as he careful tucked the bottle within his embrace, making it clear he had no intention of handing back the medicine.

As soon as the old man made the offer, the crowd was rendered speechless. In a moment, there was an outburst of discussions as they stared at the incredulous scene in front of them.

This eccentric old man blatantly rejected the Qing Yun Pill and yet he coveted a nameless elixir from an unknown source?

What did this imply? That kid’s elixir was even better than Qing Yun Clan Sovereign’s infamous Qing Yun Pill?

“No, I just want the Eastern Pearls.” Jun Wu Xie was not interested in anything else.

“How about you have another look at the other items?” The old man coaxed as he looked at her anxiously, tightening his grip on the bottle.

“No need.” Jun Wu Xie frowned in annoyance. This old man was really long-winded!

“Then tell me what do you need? If I have it, I’ll change it with you?” He bent down and started digging for something and he retrieved a pouch and opened it.

As he revealed the contents, everyone’s eyes were sparkling and intermittent gulping sounds could be heard all around. In it were various precious Spiritual Gems full of brilliance and Spiritual energy. The quality of these made those previously displayed pale in comparison.

For a moment, everyone stared at the pile of precious Spiritual Gems in a daze.

“I just want the Eastern Pearls.” Jun Wu Xie’s voice had a hint of impatience in it.

The old man was about to say something when a figure took a step and stood between them.

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