GDBBM – Chapter 498

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Chapter 498: Homesickness (1)

After waiting for a while, Ye Sha returned. And the news he brought back made Jun Wu Xie’s brow furrow.

No one knew the reason why Ning Xin and Yin Yan had suddenly decided to withdraw themselves from the Spirit Hunt. The two of them had hurried their way out and released their distress signal flare. When Ye Sha got to where the two of them were, they had already been retrieved by the teachers that had hurried over to escort them out.

“They have escaped rather quickly.” Jun Wu Xie said chillingly.

“As the saying goes, even if the monk escapes, the monastery remains in place. They will still have to come back to the Zephyr Academy in any case, isn’t that right?” Hua Yao said, his face a sea of calm.

Jun Wu Xie smiled, a little coldly. “They have nowhere else to run.”

Those two had might have been lucky and bought themselves some time by withdrawing and leaving the Battle Spirits Forest suddenly. But when the Spirit Hunt ends and all the disciples return to the Zephyr Academy, would Ning Xin and Yin Yan still be able to hide? She had no intentions of letting those two off so easily. Since they dared scheme against the Rui Lin Army, they must be prepared to accept the consequences.

“Do we carry on with the Spirit Hunt or do we go back as well?” Qiao Chu was feeling rather eager and edgy. Following Jun Wu Xie always provided him with unparalleled thrills and endless excitement.

First, it had been the Qing Yun Clan, then it had been to fight a Guardian grade Spirit Beast. He was really filled with anticipation to see what other earth shaking things Jun Wu Xie would be able to come up with after this.

“Continue. We’ll deal with them when we get back.” Jun Wu Xie was in no rush. It was a good thing that Ning Xin had escaped today. If she had gotten herself caught in the Battle Spirits Forest today and she was forced to just kill her easily, wouldn’t that make things too dull and boring?

Since Ning Xin chose to escape, she must realise that the clock had started ticking.

When they get back to the Zephyr Academy, she would make Ning Xin fully regret ever having made her escape today, as she would have died a much cleaner and less painful death here in the Battle Spirits Forest if she had stayed to answer for her folly!

“If that’s the case, why don’t we just stay around here and hunt down some prey.” Qiao Chu rubbed his fists and cracked his knuckles, preparing himself to haul in a big one. If they could even resist against a Guardian grade Spirit Beast, any other Spirit Beasts would not even pose a challenge to him.

Jun Wu Xie turned to Long Qi and his men and asked: “What are all of you doing here?”

When she was still at the Lin Palace, she had not heard that the Rui Lin Army had any intentions of coming into the Battle Spirits Forest.

“Reporting to Young Miss, the reason your subordinate came here is to locate the Aqua Spirit Grass.” Long Qi answered respectfully.

“Aqua Spirit Grass?” Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow and she glanced at Rong Heng and his fellow disciples. “It seems that Mu Chen has found a way to further develop the veins and arteries for all of you.”

“Yes. Exactly.”

Rong Heng stared at Jun Wu Xie with shock in his eyes. Jun Wu Xie had only heard Long Qi mention Aqua Spirit Grass and she knew exactly what Mu Chen wanted to do with it. Her exceptional knowledge of herbs really astounded him greatly.

“I’ll come too.” Jun Wu Xie had previously toyed with the idea of using Aqua Spirit Grass. But she had been in the Lin Palace then and she did not have adequate herbs for her research. When she went to the Qing Yun Clan, she found quite a bit of Aqua Spirit Grass in the Hidden Cloud Peak and she had cultivated some elixirs from them.

If they had Aqua Spirit Grass here, it would not hurt if she could stock up a little on it.

When Jun Wu Xie obliterated the Qing Yun Clan, her biggest regret was that she had not been able to bring all those rare and precious herbs in the Hidden Cloud Peak back with her. And after hearing Long Qi’s report on the current situation in the Lin Palace, she was able to conclude that Mu Chen had brought the whole stock of all the herbs in the Hidden Cloud Peak with him to the Lin Palace, and had generously splurged and indulged the Rui Lin Army’s soldiers with them, and that made her felt decidedly better.  

When she had lured Mu Chen to go to the Lin Palace, Jun Wu Xie had not thought that he would give it his all. She had thought that Mu Chen had some understanding on the intricacies of veins and arteries and he would be able to help enhance and develop the Rui Lin Army’s condition while she was not around. But from what Long Qi was telling her, Mu Chen had not only kept his promise and gone to the Lin Palace, but had given everything he had to develop suitable medicine tailored to the Rui Lin Army’s specific needs. That had pleasantly been out of Jun Wu Xie’s expectations.

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