GDBBM – Chapter 497

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Chapter 497: Third Form (8)

Qiao Chu and Fei Yan reacted in the exact same way and even Hua Yao’s and Rong Ruo’s faces were filled with shock.

These two had always had a naggy and sneaking suspicion that Jun Xie was a girl over the time they had spent together.

But not for a single moment would they ever have imagined that she would be the Young Miss of the most ferocious strike force across the lands!

“Little Xie….. you are their….. erm…..” Qiao Chu raised a hand, and pointed a finger which was shaking so badly as he turned it towards Long Qi and his men, his eyes clearly still not fully focused.

Jun Wu Xie shot Qiao Chu a glance but did not give him a reaction. She did not understand why Qiao Chu and the others were acting so shocked.

Did her real identity matter that much?

To Jun Wu Xie, she did not care about a person’s status or background. What concerned her was getting to know the person as an individual and that’s all that mattered.

So, she had naturally assumed that everyone else thought the same way.

It’s not that complicated!

“I am deeply grateful for the assistance rendered to us. Allow my humble self to extend my thanks as the general of the Rui Lin Army, Long Qi.” Long Qi stood up at that moment, his tall frame towering over the youths before him.

Qiao Chu shook his head and waved his hands in a hurry.

“Don’t think anything about it. It was your….. Y….. Young Miss who brought us to you. It’s little wonder now when I was thinking earlier why she would rush in without a thought, to come here once she heard that someone was trying to con several men from the Rui Lin Army. So, it’s because they were family…..” Qiao Chu said, but the last sentence was said in a barely audible whisper.

Long Qi nodded slightly in acknowledgement, striking a debonair figure.

“Do you need help?” Rong Heng, who had been standing quietly on one side tried to get closer to Jun Wu Xie. And the closer he got to her, the more certain he was that the youth before him was the same Jun Xie that had been at the Qing Yun Clan.

Jun Wu Xie nodded. “Lift his arm up, and push the wound together.”

Rong Heng did as he was told.

The soldier who was being treated was feeling rather overwhelmed by the Young Miss treating his wound personally and his pale and colourless face was suddenly flushed pink. He tried his best to straighten his back and for his face to remain composed, attempting to not look as wretched as he felt.

The arm was cut cleanly and the neater the cut, the easier it was for her to reattach the limb.

“That Spirit Beast’s skill with its blades isn’t too shabby.” Those words suddenly just came out of Jun Wu Xie’s mouth.

The pink glow on the soldier’s face faded.

All the others around looked at Jun Wu Xie, speechless, not knowing how to reply to that.

Did she know what she just said?

After she had dealt with the soldier’s wounds, Jun Wu Xie raised her hands, and wiped her two blood filled tiny hands clean on the soldier’s clothes. After her hands were cleaned, she finally stood up satisfied.

The expressions on the faces of all the people there cannot be described as merely shocked at that moment…..

Ye Sha returned at that moment and based on his observations, that Guardian grade Spirit Beast would not be returning to resume their battle. The Spirit Beast had gone off in a westerly direction and had not turned its head back once.

With that report, Long Qi finally relaxed his tensed up nerves.

“Find me the location of Ning Xin and her group.” Jun Wu Xie commanded Ye Sha, her eyes narrowed dangerously.

She had initially relented and agreed to Fan Jin’s request to spare Ning Xin and Yin Yan just that once. But they had insisted on seeking their own deaths and laid their scheming claws on the Rui Lin Army’s men.

Since they refused to take the easy broad avenues of the Heavens, she might as well send them down into the fiery dark depths of Hell.

The command of the Rui Lin Army had already been given to her and these men were hers to protect.

Ning Xin had dared lay her hands on her men, and she shall pay for it with her life!

Jun Wu Xie’s words sent a chill up Fan Jin’s entire body and he had wanted to say something till he saw the blood soaked clothes on Long Qi and his men. That sight shut him up properly, well and good.    

If Jun Wu Xie and the others had not made it here in time, what they would be seeing here now would be several lifeless bodies!

The men of the Rui Lin Army were well respected everywhere. And Jun Wu Xie was the Young Miss of the Lin Palace itself. If she intended to seek revenge for the harm inflicted to her men, Fan Jin would not be able to find any reason to even plead against it.

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      They knew she was related, but they didn’t know that she was a girl b/c they didn’t know that much about the Jun Family. They probably thought the Jun family had a son.

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