GDBBM – Chapter 496

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Chapter 496: Consecutive Slaps – Third Form (7)

“Ning Xin, what happened to all of you?” Lu Wei Jie went forward towards them, his face filled with concern, but he was pushed away by Ning Xin impatiently.

“I want to go back!” Ning Xin exclaimed determinedly and ignored all of Lu Wei Jie’s anxious and worried questions, dragging Yin Yan behind her as she strode off.

Lu Wei Jie and the other disciples were all confused and perplexed, not knowing what was actually happening.

A few youths among them were saying: “What’s wrong with Senior Ning? The Spirit Hunt is not over yet, why is she in such a hurry to leave? Didn’t she tell us to wait here for those men to be killed and we’ll go loot the their bodies?”

One of the corners of Lu Wei Jie’s mouth twitched. He felt rather insulted that Ning Xin had pushed him aside without any consideration for his feelings.

“Let her leave if she wants to. We’ll continue to wait here.” Lu Wei Jie murmured softly, in obvious dissatisfaction.

On the other side of the trees, the Guardian grade Spirit Beast was being attacked by Jun Wu Xie aand her teammates.

It possessed an extremely thick hide and its thick fur and hide blocked most of the attacks but it was not able to ward off all the concentrated attacks from all directions. Its explosive rage was slowly being replaced by the tiredness brought by the pain inflicted upon it. When it finally decided that it was getting too troublesome for its taste, the Guardian grade Spirit Beast suddenly turned around and ran off in the opposite direction of where Long Qi and his men were standing…..

The Guardian grade Spirit Beast’s sudden “escape” surprised Qiao Chu and the others who had been prepared to lay down their lives in this battle. They stared in wide eyed surprise as the Spirit Beast suddenly turned tail and whizzed off into the trees, the purple light from their spiritual powers still glowing brightly in their palms.

“Why did it suddenly run…..” Qiao Chu scratched his head, unable to understand the Guardian grade Spirit Beast’s logic.

“A Guardian grade Spirit Beast possesses a certain level of intelligence and they will not carry out a fight to the death with its opponent. Unless there was no other way out, Spirit Beasts of such a level would size up the situation and take an alternative course.” The last one to join into the fray, Fan Jin explained as he panted heavily. However, his eyes were still staring incredulous at Qiao Chu and the others as the purple light from their spiritual powers continued to glow, his mind still unable to fully accept what he was seeing.

How could he accept the fact that he had been living the past few days with four unbelievable purple spirit exponents right beside him! ?

They are legendary purple spirit exponents, the pinnacle of power!

The Guardian grade Spirit Beast’s sudden retreat made Jun Wu Xie wary and her senses were still all heightened as she warned: “Beware.”

Ye Sha shimmered and disappeared right before their eyes.

Jun Wu Xie rode upon the black beast’s back and came to where Long Qi and his men were gathered.

Long Qi and the soldiers saw Jun Wu Xie approaching and they knelt on one knee immediately. Their wounds had mainly been treated and taken care of. They were almost going to join in the battle when the fight suddenly ended.

Rong Heng and his two other fellow disciples stood respectfully on one side. Afterall, they had a very good idea of the identity of the youth before them.

Jun Wu Xie ignored the kneeling soldiers and walked right past them to come stand beside the soldier whose arm was almost fully cut off. She jumped off the back of the black beast and squatted down beside the man to check the wound.

The soldier immediately attempted to straighten his tired and limp body when he saw Jun Wu Xie approach and struggled to get up.

“Your subordinate greets Young Miss. I beg your forgiveness for my tardiness in paying my respects!”

‘Clunk!’ A clatter sounded.

The sword in Fan Jin’s hand dropped to the ground beside him.

Qiao Chu and Fei Yan stood frozen. Their mouths were wide open. Their eyes did not blink. They stood still as statues in their spots. Their minds were suddenly blank as they stared at the calm and composed Jun Xie.

“Y….. Young….. Young Miss….. O….. of the….. The….. Rui Lin Army….. The….. Young Miss…..” Fan Jin’s mind swam with those words as they repeated themselves over and over endlessly. His mind was not able to function at that moment.

‘Jun Xie’s a girl! ?’

‘Jun Xie is a GIRL! !’

‘She is the Young Miss of the RUI LIN ARMY! ! ?’

‘Lin Palace….. Jun Family….. Jun Xie…..’

Fan Jin’s body trembled involuntarily at the BIG revelation that had just exploded in his mind!

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