GDBBM – Chapter 493

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Chapter 493: “Consecutive Slaps – Third Form (4)”

Among the myriad bottles of medicines, there were salves for external use and elixirs to be ingested orally. Rong Heng and his fellow disciples moved hurriedly to dispense and apply the various medicines for the Rui Lin Army soldiers under Long Qi’s orders with their hearts palpitating crazily in fear.

Rong Heng had not uttered a single sound but the undisguised terror that filled his eyes had not left his eyes for a single moment.

The other two Cloud Treading Peak disciples might not have noticed but he had seen it very clearly. Wasn’t the youth that was riding on the back of that black beast the very same Jun Xie who was in the Qing Yun Clan then?

On the day that the Qing Yun Clan was obliterated, Mu Chen had led all the disciples from the Cloud Treading Peak off the mountain. Rong Heng and his fellow disciples had the deepest respect and utmost trust for Mu Chen and they did not question the sudden decision, not even once. They only knew on that day, something terrible had happened in the Cloudy Peaks, and except for the Cloud Treading Peak, all the disciples from the other peaks were all killed!

Rong Heng had searched all over the place for Jun Xie then, fearing deeply for the safety of that warm hearted but cold faced boy, who had produced medicine just for his condition. Fortunately, he had not been able to locate Jun Xie’s body within the Cloudy Peaks. But neither had he seen Jun Xie and he could only pray fervently in his heart that the boy had left the Cloudy Peaks, a place where hidden and untold dangers laid.

Nevertheless, Rong Heng would never have imagined that he would see Jun Xie once again in the Battle Spirits Forest!

What shocked him even more was that Long Qi and the other men from the Rui Lin Army had unhesitatingly knelt before Jun Xie and he knew he had clearly heard them address Jun Xie as….. Young Miss…..

He was sure….. It was Young Miss…..

Having followed Mu Chen to temporarily serve under the Lin Palace, Rong Heng had naturally known that the Rui Lin Army only took orders from people who shared the same blood with the Jun Family. Jun Xian, Jun Qing, and one other who had still not appeared before them, their Young Miss, Jun Wu Xie.

And Long Qi and his men had just addressed Jun Xie as Young Miss…..

Jun Xie….. Jun Wu Xie…..

Could they be….. The one and the same?

Countless questions and shocking revelations swirled in Rong Heng’s mind but he realised that now wasn’t the best time to ask questions.

The Guardian grade Spirit Beast was right before them and he needed help the men from the Rui Lin Army recover every single bit of power in the shortest time possible.

However, just as Rong Heng was recovering from his shock and he noticed the bottles of medicine in his hands, his heart was in for another traumatic shock!

As a disciple of the Qing Yun Clan, he possessed quite a bit of knowledge in medicine. He had only given all the medicines a quick sweeping glance and he was able to identify that the all the bottles Jun Xie had carelessly thrown to the soldiers were without exception, all exceptionally rare and precious!

The gashes so deep that the bone was exposed, and when the cooling salve was applied on the wound, it immediately stopped the bleeding and closed the wound. The soldiers who had been vomiting blood suddenly found the blood stop surging up their throats after they swallowed the lightly fragrant elixirs!

What were all these medicines made from?

Its effects completely overshadowed and was more amazing than any medicine he had ever seen in the Qing Yun Clan!

He applied and fed the medicines to Long Qi and his men as was required as he forcibly suppressed the shock in his heart. Rong Heng found his head whirling as everything that was happening before his eyes was just so unbelievable.

Everything single thing about it rendered him speechless.

And, as for the people who found themselves speechlessly amazed, was not just limited to Rong Heng alone.

Hidden in the shadows, the youths had been patiently waiting for the battle to over before they could loot the bodies. And the shock that rocked their minds from what they were seeing at that moment shook them to their very cores!

Initially, as she had watched Long Qi and his men gradually losing ground in the battle, and seeing their lifeblood flow out from their bodies, the smile on Ning Xin’s face had widened and her expression was one of arrogance. But just as she was thinking that Long Qi and his men would finally lose their lives for their disrespectful and spurious treatment of her, two dark figures had suddenly appeared, and shattered Ning Xin’s dream to pieces!

And the smile on her face immediately froze and the expression on her face gradually turned into one of utter disbelief and shock!

Long Qi and his men were actually rescued!!

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