GDBBM – Chapter 492

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Chapter 492: “Consecutive Slaps – Third Form (3)”

The hearts of Long Qi and his men jumped! And before they could even react, several figures suddenly appeared, having broken out through the trees!

Several good looking youths were seated upon the back of a humongous bear and they shot right past Long Qi and his men!

“Rolly! Hold the beast back! Brother Hua! Little Yan! Rong Ruo! Bring out your ring spirits!” Qiao Chu jumped off Rolly’s back and bit down hard on the tip of his thumb. Blood flowed out from his thumb and he pressed it between his brows as he smeared the blood right between his eyes. A purple light flared out from his body the next moment!

A purple spirit!

Everyone else who had their eyes on the battlefield were all suddenly startled!

The purple spirit which had not been seen in the past century appeared right before their eyes at that moment! On top of that, it was a youth looking to be just sixteen or seventeen years old!

However, before any of them could recover from the shock…..

Three more blindingly glaring purple glows erupted in tandem! The other three youths who had appeared with the first one were all glowing with a blinding purple light emanating from their spiritual powers!

Four purple spirit users!

And they were all still so young!

All of it was just too unbelievable!

The immense double headed bone snake appeared in a torrential rush! Following right after, a silvery white Hell Butterfly fluttered in the air and a gigantic ape gave out a ear splitting roar!

All their eyes were fixed on the Guardian grade Spirit Beast!

Bolts of light lit up the area as they were shot out in succession, and the blasts resonated as they exploded in the air!

The mammoth sized Guardian grade Spirit Beast suddenly found itself under a concentrated and coordinated attack and it let out another earth shattering roar!

Ye Sha leapt into the midst of the fray and shot out several rays aimed directly at the eyes of the Guardian grade Spirit Beast which exploded in quick succession on the Spirit Beast!

Jun Wu Xie and the black beast swerved and dodged, twisted and turned under the feet of the Spirit Beast, the black beast using its lightning quick reflexes to halt the advancing steps of the Guardian grade Spirit Beast!

Countless Hell Butterflies circled the Spirit Beast as they fluttered their wings endlessly. Bits of pollen that numbed and paralysed the nerves fell from those uncountable fluttering light wings as Rolly and the great ape rushed the Spirit Beast from the front. The two massive sized ring spirit who possessed overwhelming strength let out deafening roars as they dug in their hind limbs and pushed back at the front legs of the Spirit Beast, stopping it from advancing a single step more!

The double headed bone snake slid and slithered, as its sturdy bone frame tangled with the Spirit Beast’s nine powerful tails!

Qiao Chu, Hua Yao, Fei Yan and Rong Ruo fired their spiritual energies bolts endlessly, all concentrated upon the Spirit Beast and the incessant explosions rocked the trees all around with its impact!

The battlefield was lit in a bright purple light as the spiritual power bolts continued to rain upon the Spirit Beast!

In a blink, the Guardian grade Spirit Beast that had driven everyone into despair was suddenly stopped in its tracks by the combined and well coordinated attacks of Jun Wu Xie and her teammates!

Long Qi and his men who had managed to gain a short breather suddenly all stood up, as they stared transfixed at the scene before their eyes, at a loss for words!

“General Long, who are all these people? Why would they help our Young Miss to resist against the Spirit Beast?” All the Rui Lin Army soldiers were stunned. They had just experienced first hand the overwhelming might and terror of the Guardian grade Spirit Beast and they wouldn’t believe what they were seeing if they did not witness it themselves.

Sixteen or seventeen year old purple spirit users?

Ring spirits that were so powerful they could not tell their grades?

And the overwhelmingly powerful Spirit Beast that was being held down! ?

Everything was just like a dream. It made all the men feel they had walked into an illusionary realm.

Long Qi’s heart was beating furiously and his breaths were coming in short gasps. He turned suddenly and picked up all the medicine bottles that Jun Wu Xie had thrown to them and moved as quickly as he could to distribute them among his men.

“Heal yourselves now! Our Young Miss is currently risking her life to save us! We cannot afford to dawdle here in inaction!” Long Qi shouted to his men!

Huddled on one side, Rong Heng and the other Cloud Treading Peak disciples were holding each other tightly as terror overtook them. At the sound of Long Qi’s shout, they recovered enough to scramble over to help the Rui Lin Army soldiers with the medicine.

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