GDBBM – Chapter 494

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Chapter 494: “Consecutive Slaps – Third Form (5)”

If they had not seen it with their own eyes, none of them would have believed that anyone had the ability to save someone under attack by a Guardian grade Spirit Beast.

And that was exactly what happened right before the eyes of Ning Xin and her team!

When those two black shadows had appeared, Ning Xin and her team had not expected things to turn out this way.

The black beast had plucked the soldiers of the Rui Lin Army out from the battle in quick succession and the same highly arrogant man who had so coldly spurned Ning Xin and Lu Wei Jie had unhesitatingly knelt before a figure they had not been able to see!

That scene was what caused Ning Xin to stare in wide eyed disbelief!

When she managed to get a clear look at the face of the person, she had been so greatly shocked she stood dumbfounded for a long while!

That tiny figure she was seeing, wasn’t that Jun Xie, whom she had used to disgrace and suppress Fan Jin’s overly shining reputation!?

“Why is it him…..” Ning Xin could not believe her eyes. And what happened after made Ning Xin’s face pale immediately and she suddenly felt weak!

After Jun Xie snatched Long Qi and his men from the jaws of death, he rushed back at the Guardian grade Spirit Beast. Just as Ning Xin was still smiling in glee at Jun Xie having overestimated himself, more figures suddenly jumped into the fray one after another!

The successive streaks of purple light made her dizzy, and powerful ring spirits she had never seen almost made her eyes pop out in shock!

“Impossible….. It’s not possible…..” Ning Xin stared spellbound as the Guardian grade Spirit Beast’s attack was held back by the skillfully executed and well coordinated attacks of Jun Xie and his teammates. She turned suddenly to stare at Yin Yan, who was staring mesmerised, and she screamed:

“Didn’t you tell me Jun Xie’s ring spirit was just an ordinary little black cat? So, what’s with the massive black beast I am seeing here!? And where did those purple spirit users pop out from!?”

Yin Yan was just as horrified by what he was seeing with his eyes. Hearing Ning Xin’s screaming voice, he recovered a little and he shivered as he felt a chill run up his spine before he stammered haltingly: “I….. I don’t know….. I really saw it….. His ring spirit was….. was just a black cat….. That….. that black beast….. I’ve never….. seen it before….. Those….. those purple spirit users….. purple spirits….. I really….. do not know…..”

Yin Yan felt like crying. How was he expected to explain how Jun Xie had so suddenly undergone such a heaven defying change?

And more terrifyingly, he had four purple spirit exponents with him!

Four purple spirits! What kind of an abomination was that!?

They had not seen the birth of a purple spirit for a century and even if there was one, in all instances, it would have been a hermit who had shut himself off from the world and be like a hundred years old! It was not possible for young youths in their teens!

But no matter how unbelievable that was, the fact was right before their eyes and the undeniable truth of the matter wrecked at their sensibilities.

All of what they were seeing, was really happening!

“Damn!” Ning Xin was chewing on her nails in anxiety and the inevitable feeling of doom. She could not blame Yin Yan entirely for it. Those other people whom she had sent to snoop on Jun Xie had come back with the same conclusions.

But from what they were seeing here in the Battle Spirits Forest, all the intelligence that they had gathered about Jun Xie, nothing could be further from the truth!

That seemingly inconspicuous pint sized brat was way more complicated than what all of them could ever imagine.

The massive and powerful black beast always by his side notwithstanding, just the four purple spirit exponents before them would be able to cause unimaginable upheaval throughout the lands under the heavens!

Ning Xin’s mind was whirling as countless thoughts raced through it. She tried her hardest to recall if she had gone against Jun Xie face to face in the Zephyr Academy. After seeing Jun Xie’s true might and prowess in battle, she wouldn’t have dared to even cast her shadow on Jun Xie no matter what she was offered.

She heaved a sigh of relief when she realised that she had always used Yin Yan to instigate Li Zi Mu to carry out those deeds, and she had never appeared before Jun Xie herself.

There’s still a chance, a chance to win him over!

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