GDBBM – Chapter 491

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Chapter 491: “Consecutive Slaps – Third Form (2)”

It was a massive black beast. It had used its head to push against Long Qi’s body which had been about to crash onto the ground. The beast coiled its thick black tail around Long Qi’s body and shifted him to rest on its back. The agile beast then spun in the air and landed on its feet and laid Long Qi down gently in a clear area on the ground.

Long Qi felt his back burning as though it was in flames. He bit back on the unimaginable pain and struggled to stand, as he stared at the beast that had saved him, which had sped right back into the battlefield with amazing speed. The beast darted and dodged nimbly and it managed to bring all the soldiers of the Rui Lin Army back.

When he finally saw the beast clearly up close, Long Qi immediately froze rigid!

That black beast was such a familiar sight to his eyes! How many had he followed behind that very same black beast, his eyes fixed on the tiny figure seated upon its back, watching the figure with her head held high, and her unyielding straight back!

“If you don’t want to die, be good and stay back.” A familiar voice sounded in his ears. That voice was cold, but it made a warmth like comforting warm spring water start to spread throughout his entire body!

Long Qi turned quickly at the sound of the voice, ignoring the pain that wrecked at him, and knelt down on one knee immediately towards the source of the voice! His proud head was lowered, and his voice was filled with reverence as he said: “Long Qi welcomes our Young Miss!”

His voice was tinged with a slight tremble!

It was due to his feelings of agitation, coupled with longing!

A tiny figure stood right before Long Qi. Although the figure was small in stature and looked to be weak, the appearance of that person however, gave Long Qi a greater sense of security than anyone else could!

That figure had a delicate countenance and his slightly unremarkable features were expressionless. But that cold and chilly presence stirred up feelings of awe in people!

Just as Long Qi’s voice faded, the black beast had returned after retrieving all the other Rui Lin Army soldiers and it laid the men on the ground before it came to stand beside the figure.

The other Rui Lin Army soldiers who had been suddenly dragged away from the ferocious battle had still not recovered from the sudden appearance of the black beast. The black beast that had saved them shocked the men so badly they were all suddenly speechless!

As a member of the Rui Lin Army, they were often stationed at the Lin Palace to guard the safety of the three generations of the Jun Family. When the massacre within the Imperial City occurred, they had followed Long Qi partaken in the capture of the officials and witnessed a young lady’s decisive and resolute actions that had won the day!

And in those memories, a formidable and majestic black beast had been present as well, just like the one before their eyes, looking exactly the same!

And at that moment, their general was kneeling before their eyes, at the petite figure that they all somehow find both familiar and strange at the same time.

They do not remember having encountered that face before, but the pair of eyes on it was another thing altogether. They suddenly felt the cold and chilly presence that the figure gave out and their minds all came to astounding realisation!

“Young Miss!” The Rui Lin Army soldiers ignored the pain from their injuries and trembled as they all fell down on one knee before the figure, their voices shaking in excitement!

Under the expansive skies, the only people that could make a Rui Lin Army soldier kneel down in reverence, numbered just three!

Duke Jun Xian, His Highness Jun Qing, and one other person. The Young Miss of the Lin Palace, Jun Wu Xie!

And she was the only person that was able to control that terrifying massive black beast!

The countenance of the face might have changed, the clothes might be different, but the men would never mistake the figure for anyone else. Standing before them, accompanied by the black beast, could only be the goddess in their hearts. Jun Wu Xie!

The one person who had, for the Lin Palace, and for the Rui Lin Army, created a miracle for single handedly!  

However, the tiny figure did not acknowledge any of the genuflections shown to her nor grace them with a reply. Right before the eyes of all the men from the Rui Lin Army, she hopped onto the back of the black beast, threw down over ten bottles of medicine and elixirs, and loped off into the distance with the black beast, charging right at the Guardian grade Spirit Beast who had almost taken the lives of Long Qi and his men earlier!  

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