GDBBM – Chapter 489

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Chapter 489: “Guardian Grade Spirit Beast (3)”

Within a part of the forest, rows of trees were being felled and trampled into the ground. Shockwaves swept over the ground and the fallen leaves flew and billowed within the rush of the air kicked up, spinning and whirling in the howling wind.

The thick heavy scent of blood hung heavily in the air, as an immensely huge shape towered between the earth and the skies. Deafening roars erupted from the titanic beast, threatening to split the earth!

It was a Guardian grade Spirit Beast of epic proportions and the claws on its four limbs were razor sharp. Nine long white tails swayed in the air behind the beast and whatever those tails touched, be it trees or rocks, they broke and crumbled easily before the overwhelming force. Two twisted horns curled on top of its head and its scarlet eyes were filled with rage.

The beast’s body was white throughout and over its smooth radiant fur, a faint shimmering red totem glow could almost be seen!

A raging Guardian grade Spirit Beast could destroy everything before it!

Under the raining stones, Long Qi zipped around to haul an injured Rui Lin Army soldier to rest on a tree stump and told him to hide himself.

One of the soldier’s arm had been cut by the Guardian grade Spirit Beast’s Wind Blade, a single cut nearly severing half of his arm off, almost hanging just from his flesh and sinew. The soldier had lost a great amount of blood and his face was drained of all colour, his body temperature dropping quickly.

“General, leave us….. You….. you should bring Rong Heng and the others away from here…..” The injured soldier said, tugging at Long Qi’s sleeve with his good hand.

“A Guardian grade Spirit Beast is not what we can take on. Bring Rong Heng and the others away from here while Little Wu and the guys are still able to hold the Spirit Beast back! Our deaths would not matter that much compared to the disciples of Master Mu. To the Rui Lin Army, those disciples are more important than anything else.” The injured soldiers gasped heavily for breath after those words, his complexion looking worse than before.

Long Qi’s expression was stern. Things had taken a sudden and unexpected turn that made this expedition unimaginably perilous.

A Guardian grade Spirit Beast, he had never even seen one before!

“I will not abandon my brothers.” Long Qi clenched his jaw tightly. His body was already covered in wounds and within the team, he was the strongest and most highly skilled. And it due to that fact that he received the most attacks in the battle with the Spirit Beast. If it was not for his weapon ring spirit’s ability to transform into strong sturdy armour, he might not be still alive now!

Long Qi turned to look at the injured Rong Heng and his fellow disciples. There were three disciples from the Cloud Treading Peak on this expedition to the Battle Spirits Forest and when the Guardian grade Spirit Beast attacked, all the men from the Rui Lin Army had quickly protected the three disciples with everything they had.

The soldiers were well aware that the Rui Lin Army numbered many more and it would not hurt the force much even if they lost the few of them. But the disciples of the Cloud Treading Peak cannot be allowed to come to harm. By protecting every single one of those disciples, they would be able to bring new strength to the soldiers of the Rui Lin Army in the future!

Rong Heng and his fellow disciples were in a dire situation. Although the soldiers from the Rui Lin Army were fighting to protect them with their lives, the shockwaves that swept through them from the Guardian grade Spirit Beast were not what medical practitioners like them could withstand, unscathed.

“General Long, we have dragged you down with us.” Rong Heng looked at Long Qi, his face pale. If it was not for them, their skills from being in the Rui Lin Army would at least allow them to escape from the Spirit Beast even if they could not defeat it.

“This has nothing to do with you, I was too careless.” Long Qi narrowed his eyes and anger flashed menacingly.

“No one would have expected the young youths to harbour such insidious intentions against us. If they had not provoked and led the Spirit Beast to us, we would not be in such a dire situation! And all those hateful wretches had even run away after leading the Spirit Beast to us!” Another Cloud Treading Peak disciple spat out those words in disgust!

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  1. admiralen says:

    Riddle me this, how did Ning Xin “provoke and lead the spirit beast” to them?
    She isnt faster than it, she cant get away, and there is no reason for it to just switch targets from the ones that provoked it, not to mention the higher rank beasts are intelligent

    • Tinchen says:

      maybe she “talked” with it? highly intelligent means most of the time talkable
      she provoked it and forced the rui lin to protect them and in the chaos fled

    • Anonymous says:

      Most likely she had some members of their group do it that didnt survive.

  2. Tinchen says:

    ty for the chaps

  3. katann13 says:

    Thank you! Gosh these cliffhangers are killing me!

  4. Navrin says:

    Dunno how Ning xin provoked the beast but oh boy! she is so dead. Wu xie’s wrath is gonna be a force to reckon with

  5. pen says:

    JWX said she would not kill Ning, but she didn’t say anything about torture or death by other’s hands’

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