GDBBM – Chapter 488

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Chapter 488: “Guardian Grade Spirit Beast (2)”

Since the beginning of time, never in the Lower Realm had anyone heard that anyone was able to hunt down a Guardian grade Spirit Beast.

Even the legendary purple spirit, which was the pinnacle of strength could only run when faced with a Guardian grade Spirit Beast!

It must be known that the fact was no purple spirit user had appeared among the people for a long time! Even in the Rui Lin Army, none existed at that time!

Upon hearing that devastating roar, not only Fan Jin’s face looked sick, but even Qiao Chu and the rest did not fare much better. They might not have known who the Rui Lin Army was, but after hearing of their heroic and selfless exploits, those men have earned respect from the teammates.

“Why would they meet a Guardian grade Spirit Beast? All the Spirit Beasts here wouldn’t initiate an attack unless they are first provoked or attacked, and then did they retaliate!” Rong Ruo said, her complexion not looking too well either.

After Rong Ruo said those words, the teammates all suddenly came to the same conclusion.

The men from the Rui Lin Army were all battle hardened and undergone much trials and tribulations, they would not be men that would be rash or ignorant in situations like this. They couldn’t have possibly gone to provoke a Guardian grade Spirit Beast that they knew very well they wouldn’t be able to beat. And the only people who would possibly provoke the Guardian grade Spirit Beast could only be the people in Ning Xin’s team who harboured evil intentions against the men from the Rui Lin Army!

“It’s over! This time it’s really over…..” Qiao Chu scratched at his head furiously, his heart torn from the fact that the heroes he had heard about were about to be killed by such a vicious plot.

Suddenly, Qiao Chu had barely finished his sentence when a black figure whizzed past away from them!

Jun Wu Xie was seated upon the black beast’s back, like an arrow shot from a fully pulled back bow. And Ye Sha immediately shot out from the group to catch up with Jun Wu Xie!

“Little Xie! What are you doing! ?” Qiao Chu and his gang suddenly realised what was happening as they saw Jun Wu Xie rushing towards the source of the roars, and their hearts all skipped a beat in shock!

Had Jun Xie gone mad? Judging from his actions, was he intending to go save the men from the Rui Lin Army?

What kind of a joke was that?

Having been with Jun Xie for quite awhile now, Qiao Chu and his gang knew what kind of personality Jun Xie had. He was calm and decisive and was never one to poke his nose into other people’s business. Just what was it that made him decide now to risk everything and go save people they had never even met! ?

He must have known that by rushing to the men’s aid, he was rushing to confront not just any ordinary Spirit Beast! But a Guardian grade Spirit Beast!

Spirit Beasts were naturally highly resistant to poison and the poisons that Jun Xie was most highly skilled in would not work on a Guardian grade Spirit Beast, his decision would most undoubtedly kill him!

“Damn! Has Jun Xie really gone mad! ?” Qiao Chu said through gritted teeth, and he had no time to think further on it but to summon Rolly to the fore.

The massive Yin Yang bear appeared suddenly among the teammates. It bent and lowered its back, all four of its paws on the ground.

Qiao Chu’s tall frame quickly leapt onto its back. Hua Yao, Fei Yan and Rong Ruo quickly followed and mounted themselves on Rolly’s back.

“Rolly! Follow them! Quick!” They would never allow Jun Xie to ride off into his doom on his own!

Having received Qiao Chu’s command, Rolly sprinted immediately. The lumbering body moved amazingly quickly, with Rolly’s massively wide strides eating up the distance, its speed seemingly like a little whirlwind!

Fan Jin stood in his spot, eyes wide and speechless as he watched Qiao Chu and his gang speed off after Jun Xie, his mind a complete blank.

Why would the men from the Rui Lin Army suddenly encounter a Guardian grade Spirit Beast? Everyone knew very well how that had happened, but not one of them spoke a single word about it.

Fan Jin was not that dumb either. He thought about it for awhile and he could guess what had really happened as well.

But that realisation was a fact that he could not accept easily.

After struggling with his emotions a while more, Fan Jin finally clenched his jaw in determination, and ran towards the same direction that he had seen Qiao Chu and the others depart!

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    I feel bad for Fan Jin. As someone that has a sister too that I love very much this would be hard for me to accept the only thing I could do in this situation is kill her quickly so she doesn’t suffer in comparison to what the other 4 would do to her.

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