GDBBM – Chapter 490

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Chapter 490: “Consecutive Slaps – Third Form (1)”

A Guardian grade Spirit Beast was something that no one dared provoke. Long Qi had initially agreed to hunt down five high grade Spirit Beasts for Ning Xin and her team and when they reached the Spirit Moon Lake, he had kept his word and went out in search for signs of high grade Spirit Beasts. Never had he ever thought that Ning Xin and her teammates would lead a raging Guardian grade Spirit Beast right up to them! And after the youths led the Guardian grade Spirit Beast to come right beside Long Qi and his men, they all took the opportunity to escape, dragging Long Qi and his right into the abyss!

When that scene replayed through his mind, Long Qi was absolutely seething in rage, but the situation did not allow him time to continue dwelling on that!

Five Rui Lin Army soldiers were still battling the Guardian grade Spirit Beast and their power was absolutely no match for the Guardian grade Spirit Beast. But in order to buy a little more time for Rong Heng and his fellow disciples to escape, they fought valiantly, laying their lives on the line. The tacit understanding developed over many years of battles between the men allowed them to hold out a little but they were all already badly wounded and they were all covered in blood. The blood dripped and scattered with their movements and the ground was soon covered in those scarlet splatters!

“I will need to trouble you men to bring my brother with you. The rest of us will continue to try to buy you more time.” Long Qi handed the badly injured soldiers over to Rong Heng and his fellow disciples and rushed into the frenzied battle without even looking back!

“General !” The soldier looked on with despair as he stared at Long Qi’s resolute back!

A distance away from the battle, Ning Xin was well hidden behind a cluster of dense trees. Her venomous eyes stared intently at the raging battle to the death and her lips curled into a vicious smile.

“Senior Ning, they are not a match for the Guardian grade Spirit Beast.” Yin Yan said standing beside Ning Xin as he watched the men from the Rui Lin Army being pushed back step by step by the Spirit Beast.

“I had expected them not to be able to handle it. The Guardian grade Spirit Beasts do not eat people and it will leave after those men are dead. Those men had killed several high grade Spirit Beasts earlier and they are sure to have the high grade spirit stones on them.” Ning Xin said with glee, her eyes shining with satisfaction.

Whoever dared embarrass her, would never escape her wrath!

That Escort Long had blatantly spurned her earlier kind offer and trampled on her pride. People like that only more than deserved to die!

Yin Yan lowered his head and remained silent. He was wary of Ning Xin’s unbelievable viciousness. The team of men were outstanding in terms of strength and skills and just because the incurred the wrath of Ning Xin, they were led into a situation that they would have to pay for it with their very lives. Under that facade of a beautiful and sweet young lady, Ning Xin hid a venomous and malicious mind that terrified Yin Yan endlessly.

However, just at that moment, a commotion sounded from another direction caught Ning Xin’s and her team’s attention!

They saw two black shadows streak out from the trees, charging straight at the fully enraged Guardian grade Spirit Beast!

“What is that?” Ning Xin was greatly surprised. The black shadows moved too quickly and she could not see what they were!

Struggling valiantly, Long Qi’s back was torn by a swipe from the Guardian grade Spirit Beast. The armour on his back was shredded along with his flesh and his whole back suddenly became one garish scarlet gory mess.  Another Rui Lin Army soldier hurried to hold off the Spirit Beast while two other soldiers dragged Long Qi speedily away from the battle!

The abrupt and violent movements elicited so much pain that Long Qi suddenly saw stars before his eyes!

The Guardian grade Spirit Beast was able to even shred the strong armour his ring spirit had transformed into! That heaven defying power was truly not something any of them was able to take on!  

As he looked on at the battlefield in despair, Long Qi clenched his teeth together tightly to keep himself conscious. But he knew for sure then, that all of them would not leave the forest alive!

And just when the Guardian grade Spirit Beast had knocked the soldiers standing in its way flying in all directions and was readying itself to pounce on Long Qi, a black shadow suddenly smashed into the head of the Spirit Beast!

A loud crash reverberated!

Strong shockwaves from the force of the impact threw everyone into the air!

Long Qi was sailing through the air when suddenly, in the next moment, he found himself caught by a strong force before he could crash into the ground!

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