GDBBM – Chapter 487

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Chapter 487: “Guardian Grade Spirit Beast (1)”

Jun Wu Xie followed behind Ye Sha to gradually catch up with Long Qi and his men. After traversing through a large area of the dense forest, they finally came to a hidden lake nestled within the thick trees.

The lake’s surface reflected the sun’s rays looking like a massive pool of silver, its ripples stirring up bright brilliant stars as they shimmered within, a resplendent sight to behold. At the edge of the Spirit Moon Lake, several Spirit Beasts had their heads lowered to the water to drink and at the moment that the presence of Jun Wu Xie and her team were felt, the Spirit Beasts bolted and scattered in all directions, running into the dark cover of the trees, disappearing without a trace.

“This is the Spirit Moon Lake? But….. Where are Ning Xin and the Rui Lin Army’s men?” Qiao Chu peered to look all around but could not see any other figures besides the Spirit Beasts that had bolted.

Jun Wu Xie turned to look at Ye Sha and Ye Sha suddenly frowned.

“What is it?” Jun Wu Xie asked.

“The Ink Snake suddenly died. But just before death claimed it, it had followed that team of people past the Spirit Moon Lake. It seems that their destination was not to just come to the Spirit Moon Lake.” Ye Sha reported all his findings immediately to Jun Wu Xie.

Just as all of them were still contemplating Ye Sha’s words, a rumble shook the ground under their feet suddenly!

The massive trees that ringed the Spirit Moon Lake shook and rustled, all those Spirit Beasts that had hid themselves in the forest sensed the approach of a terrifying threat. They ran and bolted once again and the peaceful and tranquil scene at the was suddenly torn and shattered!

“What is happening! ?” A series of unidentifiable tremors under their feet made Fei Yan start to feel extremely uneasy.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed and she resolutely said: “Bring us to where the Ink Snake died.”


The team moved immediately and while they sped forward towards their destination, a ear piercing roar suddenly reverberated in their ears!

That thunderous roar sounded louder and more majestic than any they had ever heard!

That sound alone was enough to make everyone’s blood surge and boil within!

The roar continued to reverberate through the surrounding trees and the leaves rustled violently in the sound waves kicked up!

“Guardian Grade….. Spirit Beast…..” Fan Jin’s face turned white as a sheet. The magnitude of that roar made him feel a distinct impending sense of doom creep into his heart.

He had seen a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast once with his father and that experience had been deeply branded into his heart and he had never been able to forget it.

“What did you say?” Qiao Chu turned his head to stare at Fan Jin, his eyes wide.

Fan Jin replied with a deathly white face: “That was definitely a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast, it can’t be anything else….. The Spirit Moon Lake sits right in the core of the vast Battle Spirits Forest and the water from the Spirit Moon Lake is the best nourishment all the Spirit Beasts can get. Hence, high Grade Spirit Beasts frequently roam in the vicinity of the Spirit Moon Lake, and even the rarely seen….. Guardian Grade Spirit Beasts.”

No one in the Zephyr Academy had even dared to dream of hunting a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast. It is widely rumoured that the power of a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast far surpassed that of the pinnacle purple spirit! Not to only mention the disciples of the Zephyr Academy taking part in the Spirit Hunt, even if all the teachers and Masters of the academy were confronted with a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast, they would have no other option than to flee!

Fan Jin had never dreamt that he would ever once again see a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast!

“The direction that the roar is coming from, is exactly where the Ink Snake was killed.” Ye Sha slowed down his pace a little to share that shocking piece of news!

Ye Sha’s Ink Snake had secretly tailed Long Qi and his men right from the start and its sudden death had already been greatly suspicious, and now they just heard, at the location where the Ink Snake died, there was a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast! ? What were they getting themselves into! ?

Did that also mean that Long Qi and his men that the Ink Snake had been shadowing all this while were confronted with the Guardian Grade Spirit Beast!?

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