GDBBM – Chapter 486

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Chapter 486: “The Most Ferocious Strike Force (5)”

Ning Xin’s face changed then. Her beautiful smile looked a little forced as she quelled the anger that surged in her chest. Her forced smile was still frozen on her face as she turned to leave.

It was only after Ning Xin left them that the several Rui Lin soldiers heaved a sigh of relief.

“What was that smell on that girl? That strong scent almost gagged me.” One of the soldiers rubbed his nose vigorously and the only thing he remembered about her was that overpowering scent that assaulted his nose, almost making his eyes tear when she was with them.

“Boss, do you think that lass has fallen for you? She was giving you the “eye” several times and she was even blushing to boot!” Another soldier “eyed” Long Qi with a laugh, poking fun at their general.

“Was she really blushing red? And not paled to white? When I looked at her before she left, there wasn’t even any colour in her lips!”

“All of you stop all that gabbing.” Long Qi gave the soldiers an “eye” of his own. “When we get to the Spirit Moon Lake, go immediately to find those Spirit Beasts and pay them off to send them off on their way.”

Although the battle hardened Long Qi did not know much about the complicated relationship between a man and a woman, but he was rather astute. He could see that although Ning Xin was just a young and youthful girl, her underlying intentions were not that simple. The way that she repeatedly tried to probe into their situation, was strictly taboo to a military man out on a mission.

“Yes Sir!”


“Senior Ning, what’s wrong?” Yin Yan hurried forward to ask as he stared at the pale faced Ning Xin, as she rejoined the team with a mouth twisted in rage. Even Lu Wei Jie noticed the abnormality in Ning Xin and turned his head to look at her.

Ning Xin took a deep breath and suppressed the rage within her.

[Who do those scoundrels think they are? She spared them a little courtesy and they think they are all that great? How dare they spurn her like that ! ?]

Ning Xin, who had always been used to being universally adored and fawned upon was really greatly angered by Long Qi’s cold and spurious treatment.

She had never been slapped by such indifference and total disregard to her person before!

“There has been a change of plans. These people are just hopelessly stubborn and a bunch of boorish and uncouth men who don’t know what’s good for them!” Ning Xin said angrily as she flung out her sleeve, her usual smile disappeared, without a trace.

“What really happened? What had angered you so badly?” Lu Wu Jie hurried over to comfort the beauty. “I see those men as just brutes who possessed great power and I did not really approve of you consorting with those barbarians earlier. If they are not receptive to our kind intentions, just leave them alone. We, as esteemed disciples of the Zephyr Academy, would not need to miss that little bit of might they have.”

Lu Wei Jie had initially agreed to Ning Xin’s plan, but having been shown and rebuffed by Long Qi’s cold and distant expression the whole journey, his proud and egoistic personality had not taken the rejection well. And now that even his beautiful Ning Xin had been similarly unceremoniously scorned and spurned, his feeling of displeasure was greatly intensified.

“Hmph! They chose to reject the proffered wine so we’ll give them poison instead! They asked for it! They wanted me to lead them all this way and they think they can be rid of me with just a few high grade Spirit Beasts? I, Ning Xin is worth much more than that!” Ning Xin’s eyes narrowed and the gentleness in her eyes faded completely, suddenly replaced with venom and malice.

Yin Yan who was standing on the side froze and did not dare say anything in answer. It was Lu Wei Jie who suddenly spoke instead: “What do you intend to do? If we end up having to fight them, I don’t think we’re their match.”

If those men had not been so powerful, Lu Wei Jie would have thrashed them up so badly they would be picking up their teeth. But faced with Long Qi, he could only swallow his rage and repress the anger within.

Ning Xin laughed chillingly and said: “Why would we need to dirty our hands? The Battle Spirits Forest is filled with Spirit Beasts afterall.”

“But they are even able to take down high grade Spirit Beasts…..”

“What about those above high grade?” Ning Xin’s mouth curled up at the corners slightly, as she turned her head back at the group of several men trailing the team, and her eyes almost dripped with venom.

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