GDBBM – Chapter 485

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Chapter 485: “The Most Ferocious Strike Force (4)”

Those occasional glances that turned her way however, did not make Ning Xin even think of backing off on her advances but further encouraged her as she started feeling secretly pleased with herself.

Ning Xin had always been extremely confident of her looks and when she complemented her attractive good looks with her consciously moulded image that she built up for herself, she had always gained an advantage for her efforts. Hence, she would never in her wildest dreams expect that the burly and boorish military men would disregard her beauty so completely.

She thought that the soldiers were just like all the males she had previously encountered, secretly mesmerized by her.

“No need.” Long Qi did not even turn his head her way and rejected her flat out.

The sweet smile on Ning Xin’s face froze a brief moment but she recovered quickly.

“You don’t need to be so distant, since fate willed us to meet here, it could all be predestined. We have still quite a ways before we would reach the Spirit Moon Lake, would you need me to tell you a little bit more about what the situation is like over at the Spirit Moon Lake?” Ning Xin asked, still smiling, not showing any signs of retreat even with Long Qi’s outright refusal.

Long Qi’s frown grew deeper. He had wanted to reject once more. But when he thought about it, it was true that they had never been to the Spirit Moon Lake and the only thing they knew was only when Mu Chen told them that they could get those herbs in the vicinity of the Spirit Moon Lake and it would not hurt them if they gathered a little more information about the place which might help them by making it easier for them to search and locate those herbs.

“I shall have to trouble you then.” Long Qi replied, after assessing the situation and he suppressed the impatience that gnawed at his heart.

A smile came into Ning Xin’s eyes and although she saw that this person did not seem to like conversing with others, she was however confident she knew exactly how to deal with men like this.

“The Spirit Moon Lake is vast, and is considered to be the main source of water within the Battle Spirits Forest. It is rumoured that the Spirit Moon Lake’s water can nourish the spirit and it attracts a great number of Spirit Beasts. Many Spirit Beasts are usually seen in the vicinity of the lake as they come to the lake to drink. If they sense any strange and unfamiliar presence approach, there is a high chance that they would attack. So, I would suggest that when we reach the place, that you and your men do not go straight to the Spirit Moon Lake, but to observe the surroundings first, to see if there are any Spirit Beasts around, to avoid any casualties.” Ning Xin harboured the intention to gain Long Qi’s friendship and she decided that her words needed to contain certain elements of truth.

Long Qi replied instead: “There is no need for all that trouble, if there are any Spirit Beasts around, we’ll just need to kill it.”

Ning Xin was shocked at Long Qi’s decisive words. He must have possessed strong confidence in his strength for him to use such strong words. In the beginning, when that youth had brought the news that he witnessed a group of men killing a high grade Spirit Beast, she had been doubtful. But after seeing Long Qi’s confidence and feeling the impressive aura he gave out, she started to believe the youth’s words a little more.

“Haha, words from the mighty are different indeed. Brother Long’s skills must be really impressive and Little Xin is greatly humbled.” Ning Xin smiled gently, her eyelashes fluttered as she stole glances at Long Qi’s countenance shyly.

However, Long Qi did not react in the slightest, his face remaining cold and distant.

“Brother Long must have gone through much trial and tribulations. The journey ahead of us is still long and dull, would Brother Long be interested to share your past glories and exploits with Little Xin?” Ning Xin smiled very sweetly, looking every inch just like a bashful young lady.

If that had been someone else, and was shown so much adoration by a beautiful and shy young lady, the man might have very well been completely swooned and held spellbound. But Long Qi’s face did not change in the slightest, completely unmoved.

“Miss Ning.” Long Qi stopped in his tracks suddenly.

“Brother Long, you do not need to be so distant. Just call me Little Xin.” Ning Xin blushed and lowered her head, to hide the glee showing within her eyes at that moment.

“If you do not have any other information about the Spirit Moon Lake to tell us, then you do not need to say anything more. I have other things I need to discuss with my men and I would implore Miss Ning to excuse us.” Long Qi looked coldly at Ning Xin, not bothering to show any manners or courtesy, driving her away without any hesitation.

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