GDBBM – Chapter 484

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Chapter 484: “The Most Ferocious Strike Force (3)”

While they were making their way towards the Spirit Moon Lake, Ning Xin asked Lu Wei Jie to try to chat Long Qi and the other men up but he was completely ignored.

Long Qi did not utter a single word in reply and just put forth a darkened face, refusing to saying anything.

The ungraciously snubbed Lu Wei Jie went back to Ning Xin gloomily. He had always enjoyed endless fawning and unbridled admiration from everyone in the Zephyr Academy and always had gaggle of disciples surrounding him all the time. He was not used to being rebuffed so completely and his face showed his displeasure as he sulked beside her.

When Ning Xin saw that even Lu Wei Jie had failed to gain some favour, she got Lu Wei Jie to take the lead moving forward while she slowed down and fell to the back of the group, to move together with Long Qi and his men, a sweet smile plastered on her face.   

“Seeing that you and your men are unfamiliar with the Battle Spirits Forest, this should be your first time here. I am wondering what you and your men seek at the Spirit Moon Lake? To be honest, my father is the Vice Headmaster of the Zephyr Academy and is extremely familiar with the Battle Spirits Forest. The Zephyr Academy conducts two Spirit Hunts every year and we frequent the Battle Spirits Forest here. We would always bring back many things from the forest when the Spirit Hunt ends and if we have stock of what you seek here, wouldn’t that save you a lot of time and effort?” Ning Xin had a beautiful face and her smile had melted countless hearts. Her tone of voice had been consciously lowered and her voice flowed like sparkling water flowing smoothly along a little brook, making it extremely hard for people to feel any dislike.

In fact, if she had not made such an outrageous demand earlier, the impression she would have given to Long Qi and the other men would have been very good.

Long Qi frowned though, his face a mask of impatience.

The youths repeated attempts at striking up seemingly casual conversation rubbed the straightforward and candid Long Qi the wrong way.

Since they had already agreed to the deal, they each only had to deliver their own end of the agreement. This obvious attempts to initiate more interaction made the stalwart men who lived and died by the sword extremely uncomfortable.

The other soldiers following beside Long Qi shot discreet glances at Ning Xin, seeing the beautiful face and her sweet amicable smile. But not the slightest sign of admiration showed on the faces of all the men.

To them, with that level of looks and that level of grace, cannot be compared to their very own Young Miss!

The Rui Lin Army barracks were filled with a whole bunch of stalwart and resolute men. They were usually shut off from the world and were mostly deeply immersed in training, resulting in all of the men rarely having the chance to come into contact with the opposite gender. The only female that appeared frequently before them was the Lin Palace’s Young Miss, Jun Wu Xie.

In the beginning, before Jun Wu Xie changed her soul, the men from the Rui Lin Army were deeply ashamed of the reputation garnered by their very own Young Miss. But due to her undeniable blood ties to the Jun Family, they had no choice but to bow in acquiescence. But after Jun Wu Xie’s core changed, every action that she carried out from then on broke every longheld preconception they had of their Young Miss that made every single soldier within the Rui Lin Army go from utter contempt to unquestioned reverence and total submission.

In the hearts of these courageous and ferocious soldiers, the most flawless beauty under the skies and throughout the vast lands was their Young Miss and the most outstanding female was their Young Miss to which none could compare.

With such a shining premium Jun Wu Xie as the benchmark set in the men’s hearts, any female who attempted to allure or secure a place within the men’s hearts ultimately would only face utter and thorough failure.

The girl’s looks were lacking, not fit to be even compared to their Young Miss.

Her eyes lacked life, unable to compare to their Young Miss.

She lacked charm, her smile obsequious, inferior to their Young Miss in every way! Their cold, proud and breathtaking Young Miss!

And, was the lass blind or what? Did she not see the obvious and blatant “do not disturb” expression on their General’s face? They were still relentless in trying to get closer to him and blabbering nonstop. With the terms stated as repayment for her to lead them to their destination, nobody in their right mind, unless they had money to burn, would agree to her offer of getting what they need from her.

She was still completely oblivious to the fact that she had been completely despised from head to toe, in front of all these Rui Lin Army soldiers, and Ning Xin still had her sweet and amicable smile stuck across her face before them.

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