GDBBM – Chapter 479

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Chapter 479: “An Opportunist (2)”

Escort Long acknowledged with a slight nod of his head and his calm but penetrating gaze made the youths feel slightly overwhelmed by those eyes.

He obviously had a good looking countenance but he somehow made people retreat unknowingly in reverence.

“In regards to your suggestion, I have heard about it. How many high grade Spirit Beasts do you need?” Escort Long asked plainly, straight to the point.

Lu Wei Jie’s heart leapt when he heard that and judging from tone, their terms had been accepted. He was just about to speak when Ning Xin shot him a look and he shut his mouth.

Ning Xin took a step forward and beaming as bright as a flower, she said: “That would depend on which part of the forest you intend to go to. To be honest, the map is extremely important to us and we hope you will pardon us that we cannot show the map to you. Wherever it is that you need to go, we’ll lead you there. As to the remuneration, it depends on where the place you need to go to is.”  

Escort Long stared coldly at Ning Xin and hesitated a moment before he said: “We want to go to the Spirit Moon Lake.”

Those herbs they needed, only grows near the Spirit Moon Lake.

Ning Xin smiled.

“Five high grade Spirit Beasts.”

Escort Long’s brow furrowed. This little girl was rather voracious, he was only asking to be lead to a destination and she had unhesitatingly asked for five high grade Spirit Beasts. He knew that one lone spirit stone of any high grade Spirit Beast would easily fetch them an alarming price out in the market.

After considering it a moment more, Escort Long finally said: “Alright.”

Ning Xin nodded with a smile and exchanged a quick glance with Lu Wei Jie. Lu Wei Jie reorganized his team, and placed Ning Xin to lead Escort Long and his men, as they made their way towards the Spirit Moon Lake.

Escort Long brought up the rear of the team in stoic silence. Several other men in his team had heard what Ning Xin had unabashedly asked for in repayment for leading the way and were feeling rather resentful.

“General Long, these pipsqueaks are too ruthless. Asking for five high grade Spirit Beasts just for leading the way. That’s outright robbery!” One of the men complained, whispering softly.

Escort Long frowned. If it wasn’t for the fact that the herb they needed was so extremely rare, and they only could be found in the vicinity around the Spirit Moon Lake, he wouldn’t have agreed to such an unreasonable request.

“Master Mu has requested for it, and moreover, this herb would help the Rui Lin Army greatly in raising our power, it wouldn’t hurt us much to let these kids get a good deal out of this just once.” Escort Long….. To be precise, it was Long Qi, disguised as bodyguard of a trade convoy, said helplessly.

Not too long ago, Mu Chen came to the Lin Palace with a group of disciples from the Cloud Treading Peak and the incident had greatly surprised Jun Xian and Jun Qing. It had not been too long ago that they had just received news that the Qing Yun Clan had been obliterated and never would they have ever thought that Mu Chen would actually bring his disciples to come seek asylum from the Lin Palace. What shocked them further was when they heard from Mu Chen that it was all arranged by Jun Xie.

Throughout the period that Mu Chen joined the Lin Palace, he led his disciples to spare no effort in developing and producing medicine that would improve the veins and arteries of the soldiers in the Rui Lin Army. Due to the elixirs that Jun Wu Xie had given to the Rui Lin Army previously that had completely transformed them, Mu Chen was faced with quite a daunting and difficult task to improve them further.

But Mu Chen fully intended to keep his promise. Since he had promised Jun Xie to do everything he can, he spent months researching and developing and finally managed to develop an elixir that would further improve on the soldiers’ veins and arteries. But that elixir required a rare and unique kind of herb and although the Qing Yun Clan had it, he had brought the whole stock of it over to the Lin Palace. The Rui Lin Army was too numerous in number and he did not have enough to cultivate one hundred thousand elixirs for every single one of them.

Besides within the Qing Yun Clan, the herb only grew in the vicinity of the Spirit Moon Lake within the Battle Spirits Forest. For this, Mu Chen sent out three of his disciples to come to the Battle Spirits Forest in search of the herb and to ensure the safety of the disciples, Jun Xian sent Long Qi and six of the Rui Lin Army to go with them as bodyguards.

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