GDBBM – Chapter 478

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Chapter 478: “An Opportunist (1)”

“Little Xin, did you just think of something?” Lu Wei Jie asked.

Ning Xin smiled sweetly and replied: “Isn’t our Senior Lu gunning for the top spot in this Spirit Hunt? If we successfully hunt down a few high grade Spirit Beasts and recover the spirit stones from them, you would not be first just for this year’s Spirit Hunt alone but go down in history to become the first person to ever successfully kill a high grade Spirit Beast in the annals of the Zephyr Academy’s Spirit Hunts.”

Lu Wei Jie’s eyes sparkled brightly at the thought. No sane man would reject such a tempting suggestion. But…..

“I am still not capable of taking on a high grade Spirit Beast yet.” Lu Wei Jie had to admit, that he was nothing before a high grade Spirit Beast.

Ning Xin smiled alluringly, “We don’t need our Senior Lu to dirty his hands. Didn’t some people just come to us to offer their assistance?”

Lu Wei Jie was confused.

“You mean…..”

Ning Xin turned to look at the youth who had brought them the news and gave him a sweet smile: “Go tell those men that we have a map covering the larger part of the Battle Spirits Forest and if they are willing to kill a few high grade Spirit Beasts for us, we can lead them to any part of the forest that they want.”

The young youth was suddenly taken aback as he stood there frozen on the spot. He stared at Ning Xin and then turned his eyes to look at Lu Wei Jie in consternation.

Lu Wei Jie was feeling rather torn, their team had dared to venture into the mid sections of the Battle Spirits Forest this time because Ning Xin was holding a copy of a rough and ill defined map of the Battle Spirits Forest. The map however encompassed a much larger area than what the disciples were given by the Zephyr Academy and the major regions of the Battle Spirits Forest were marked out. It seemed that Ning Xin intended to make use of the map to enlist the help of those men in exchange for them to effortlessly acquire the high grade Spirit Stones.

“Hurry up and go. What are you waiting for?” Ning Xin coaxed gently.

The youth then turned and ran off in a hurry, to discuss further with those men on their business trip.

After the youth left, Lu Wei Jie decided that Ning Xin’s suggestion was just ingenious and heaped bundles of praise on her, making Ning Xin laugh out shyly.

While Yin Yan on the other hand, was left to tightly clench his fists silently, as he stared viciously at the back of Lu Wei Jie.

After a short while, the youth came running back once more and following behind him, were ten other men.

The ten men were all covered in cloaks and when you looked at them from afar, you would not be able to see their faces. But by just looking at their outlines, seven of the men looked to be extremely big and strong, and compared to the disciples of the Zephyr Academy, those men looked to be towering as a mountain before them.

“Senior Lu, Senior Ning, these are the friends who needed to use our map.” The youth hurried to introduce them.

The leader of the men removed his cloak. His big and tall build towered over them suffocatingly. The sun shone upon a stalwart and good looking face, unlike the delicate and pretty features of youth, that face was one filled with the indomitable air of masculinity, handsome tinged with the additional attractiveness of maturity. What really drew people to notice him most, was the eyes on that face. Sharp as pointed knives, that made one very conscious when under that gaze.

The man was just standing there plainly without moving, but he gave out an overwhelmingly oppressive aura.

Lu Wei Jie, who had been standing with an air of arrogance about him, suddenly found his ego deflating and his shoulders lowered before the man’s presence.

“I am just a humble bodyguard of this convoy on a business expedition. You can call me Escort Long.” The handsome man said without an expression on his face as he looked at the youths before him.

Lu Wei Jie’s eyes were transfixed on the man for quite a while when he suddenly snapped back to his senses. He hurriedly covered up his awe for Head Guard Long and struggled to put up a forced front of looking unaffected and said: “Lu Wei Jie from the Zephyr Academy’s Weapon Spirit Branch, and this is Ning Xin.”

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