GDBBM – Chapter 477

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Chapter 477: “Venomous Lady (4)”

“Little Yan, are you feeling alright? Is the wind getting too chilly for you?” Ning Xin asked with a smile as she stared at the Yin Yan who had turned very pale, her smiling face as gentle and sweet as always.

Yin Yan regained his composure and hurriedly said: “Yes, it is a little cold.”

It must be his imagination. Senior Ning was such a perfect girl, how could she possibly have such vicious thoughts?

Ning Xin just smiled and did not say anything more.

On the other side, the disciples were still cleaning up the battlefield and another youth was running over to the tall disciple who foot was still stepped upon the large Spirit Beast’s head shouting: “Senior Lu! Senior Lu!”

Lu Wei Jie turned his head and his face was graced with nice features, that held a tinge of arrogance. He jumped off the Spirit Beast with elegant flair and threw the blood stained spirit stones that he had dug out to another disciple standing on one side.

“What is it?” Lu Wei Jie asked as he wiped off the blood from his hands.

The youth replied hurriedly.

The youth had a weapon spirit and his ring spirit had the ability to transform into a pair of combat boots. Those boots enabled him to greatly increase his speed and jump ability and hence he had been assigned with the task of locating Spirit Beasts. He had been searching for their next target in an area deeper into the forest when he had chanced upon and witnessed a grand and magnificent battle. He had seen with his own eyes, a group of people kill a high grade Spirit Beast and the spectacular skills and power of those people had really been a feast for his eyes.

“Hunted a high grade Spirit Beast?” Ning Xin walked over slowly, after hearing the interesting bit of news.

Lu Wei Jie turned to look at Ning Xin, and when his gaze fell on her curvy figure, the arrogance within those eyes faded, replaced by one of adoration.

“Yes, those people really managed to kill the high grade Spirit Beast.” The youth who brought them the news nodded excitedly.

Lu Wei Jie frowned slightly. It was not easy to take down a high grade Spirit Beast. As the second in rank in the Zephyr Academy’s Spirit Tournament, his skills and power was deemed to be only inferior only to one person. And even with the team he led, that had been tagged as being the strongest strike team over all the others in the Zephyr Academy, they were still not confident that they can successfully take down a high grade Spirit Beast.

Spirit Beasts that belonged to the higher grades were not only much more powerful and stronger than those belonging to the middle grades, they also possessed a certain level of intelligence, and battled with logic, and would even escape.

To defeat a mid grade Spirit Beast, one only needed strength and power and a cohesive team spirit. But the requirements needed from the team to take down a high grade Spirit Beast were different and extremely harsh.

Till now, not a single team in the history of the Zephyr Academy’s Spirit Hunt had been able to successfully hunt down a high grade Spirit Beast.

“What kind of people were they?” Lu Wei Jie asked.

“I approached them to ask after they took down the Spirit Beast. They did not seem to know about the Zephyr Academy and its disciples and the people looked to be in their twenties. They said they were on an expedition and searching for a certain herb, but they were unfamiliar with the terrain in the deeper reaches of the Battle Spirits Forest and were a little lost. They had even asked me if I knew the area well.” The youth shared everything the men had said readily.

The frown on Lu Wei Jie’s brow finally smoothed out after hearing the youth’s words.

As long as those people were not from the Zephyr Academy, then he was not that worried.

If there was a team within the Zephyr Academy that could single handedly take down a high grade Spirit Beast, that would be a big threat to him.

Lu Wei Jie was aiming to achieve first place in this Spirit Hunt.

“Oh?” Ning Xin said when the youth finished, an idea forming suddenly in her head.

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