GDBBM – Chapter 476

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Chapter 476: “Venomous Lady (3)”

As Fan Jin was discussing things through with Jun Wu Xie, the disciple who had lured Fan Jin and his team into the laid trap had speedily escaped into another area with his wounds.

In another part of the dense forest, a team of Zephyr Academy disciples had just successfully hunted a medium grade Spirit Beast. The large sized Spirit Beast’s lifeless body lay on the ground and a tall youth stood over it with a foot on the Spirit Beast’s head, digging for spirit stones within its broken skull.

A beautiful young girl stood at the edge of the group, staring at the gory sight with a frown on her face and covering her nose with her sleeve.

“Senior Ning, water for you?” Yin Yan stood at her side, offering the waterskin in his hand to Ning Xin, as adoration and worship filled his eyes.

Ning Xin glanced at Yin Yan and shook her head, and turned her eyes to look into another direction.

Suddenly, she saw another figure approach. She gestured to Yin Yan with a look in her eyes and Yin Yan immediately understood. Yin Yan turned and silently slipped away, to meet up with the approaching youth.

Ning Xin shifted her position inconspicuously to an angle that would allow her to discreetly see Yin Yan’s interaction with that youth. She observed quietly, her face completely calm. But the flash of anxiety in her eyes betrayed what she was feeling inside.

Shortly after, Yin Yan ran back to her.

“How was it?” Ning Xin struggled to maintain a calm composure, trying to appear nonchalant as she asked.

“Fan Jin was successfully lured in, there should not be a problem. We have not seen any distress signal released, I think they have all been taken care of.” Yin Yan spoke with his head lowered, trying very hard to hide the wide smile split across his face.

Their target had only been Fan Jin and they had not given any specific orders for the others in Fan Jin’s team. But they had nevertheless hinted that if the others were to resist, they were to be killed and have their bodies disguised to look as if they had been killed by high grade Spirit Beasts. And if any of Fan Jin’s teammates were still miraculously alive, they would have released their distress signal flares.

“Those guys wouldn’t have wanted their identities to be known and would naturally not have spared Jun Xie and the others.” Ning Xin said with a smile. She had only given instructions to kill only Fan Jin, but those people would not be dumb enough to leave any witnesses alive after that.

If they spared anyone from Fan Jin’s team, that person would be able to testify against them in the crime. And to protect themselves, it would be best if they eliminated all witnesses.

“You are right Senior Ning, one has to eliminate the root of the problem or it might fester and grow to become a problem once again. Only by shutting all the mouths of the witnesses permanently and completely can the matter remain an eternal secret, and only like this, would nobody ever find out how and why Fan Jin died. All those people who played a part in the assassination would never dare breathe a word of it to anybody.” Yin Yan said with a laugh. Although he was not able to see Fan Jin’s dead body, but hearing news of Fan Jin’s death pleased him to to end just the same.

Ning Xin waved her hand dismissively. “Things that have outlived their usefulness would naturally need to be disposed off properly. In this world, only the when they are dead, would people be able to keep a secret.”

Yin Yan felt a sudden chill and he raised his head to stare at Ning Xin.

“Senior Ning, you don’t mean…..”

Ning Xin’s eyes drifted towards a particular direction and her eyes did not look too far away. Her eyes stared at the area where the disciple was hidden, treating his own wounds, and she said with a seducing smile: “Every time the Spirit Hunt comes along, there are always some deaths among the Zephyr Academy’s disciples, and some had always gone missing without any reason. I’m afraid the death toll this time round might increase quite a bit, like maybe by another fold.” As Ning Xin said those words, her eyes were actually lit with joy when she turned them to look at Yin Yan. That was when Yin Yan felt the chill crawl up his spine and he shivered.     

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