GDBBM – Chapter 473

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Chapter 473: Consecutive Slaps – Second Form (7)

Anxious to save himself, the youth spilled everything he knew.

Long before the day of the Spirit Hunt came, Yin Yan had approached them. The group was made up of seniors from the Beast Spirit and Weapon Spirit faculties. Their individual powers might not have been the cream of the crop, but their ring spirits had all possessed certain special qualities. Just like the first youth who had possessed the weapon spirit. If not for Fei Yan’s interference, they would have successfully sealed Fan Jin’s movements and the others would have completed the job the next moment.

Yin Yan had used his position as a disciple of the Spirit Healer faculty to promise those disciples many rewards and had hinted to them that once they successfully killed Fan Jin, their positions within the Zephyr Academy would become more stable.

“Everyone knew that Yin Yan had an extremely good relationship with Senior Ning and Senior Ning was the daughter of the Vice Headmaster. So Yin Yan’s words were as good as it being Senior Ning’s words. We….. we were blinded by greed! Senior Fan! Find the benevolence in your heart to spare me this one time. I will not dare to ever do it again.” The youth pleaded in tears. If they did not think Senior Ning would have their backs, they would never have agreed to such a request from Yin Yan.

Do not forget that Fan Jin was also the adopted son of the Headmaster!

“Ning Xin….. How can it be….. How can it possibly be her?” When Fan Jin heard the name Ning Xin being mentioned, his face had turned white and he had staggered back a step in shock, unable to accept what the youth had just said.

Jun Wu Xie glanced at Fan Jin and turned to the youth to ask: “Besides all of you here, are there any others?”

The youth shook his head and said in a hurry: “No more! There is no one else! Yin Yan told us he will think of a way to force you to take part in the Spirit Hunt with Senior Fan and when Senior Fan is dragged down by such useless bag….. It would make it easier for us to complete the task.” The youth glanced at Jun Xie and said fearfully.

“What?” Fan Jin’s eyes widened with incredulity as he stared at the youth.

If what the youth said was true, that it was Yin Yan’s intention to force Jun Xie to take part in the Spirit Hunt, that would mean that those people who had broken into the bamboo grove to curse and swear at Jun Xie were instigated by Yin Yan?

A revelation appeared in Fan Jin’s mind at that moment and he covered his face with his hands, cold sweat running down his back.

If all those wicked and vicious rumours surrounding Jun Xie had all been spread because he had mentored Jun Xie, and they had targeted Jun Xie just to hit out at him…..

That would mean that the person who had been helplessly implicated and dragged into an endless mess was not him! But it was he himself, who had unknowingly dragged Jun Xie into the mess instead!

The sudden realisation made Fan Jin’s head spin and he almost lost his footing.

Fan Jin was not able to talk for a long while and Jun Wu Xie asked the youth a few more questions. After being certain that the youth had no more useful information to give, Jun Wu Xie shot Qiao Chu a look.

Before the youth could even plead any further, Qiao Chu immediately lopped off the youth’s head.

Upon seeing the lifeless figure crumble back onto the ground, Fan Jin’s eyes showed that he was still rather confused by all the things that were happening. He looked up suddenly and turned to Jun Xie. “Little Xie, you knew all this while that this was a trap?”

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

“From the moment the injured disciple had first appeared before us, you already knew?” Fan Jin stared at Jun Xie, his eyes looking intense.

“It was not possible for a seventeen or eighteen year old disciple to be in the branch division.” Jun Wu Xie replied calmly. That injured disciple’s act might have been a little convincing but it was his age that made it impossible for him to be from the branch division. And the fact that a disciple from the branch division was able to recognise Fan Jin for who he was at first glance did not seem logical, was the second giveaway.


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