GDBBM – Chapter 472

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Chapter 472: Consecutive Slaps – Second Form (6)

They had all been turned into a big joke!

Fan Jin?

Compared to these four Grim Reapers, Fan Jin was totally not even worth mentioning!

The leader of the youths could do nothing but watch wide eyed as his companions were getting slaughtered. Their blood flew and splattered all over his body. It was blood that they smeared over themselves in disguise previously but this time, it was their own warm and fresh…..blood…..

Fear and terror slowly crept into his heart. At that moment, he suddenly realised that they had all fully underestimated the might and power of this team right from the beginning.

They had all thought the Fan Jin was the only team member that was able to fight and if they took out Fan Jin, they would be able to slaughter the rest of the team effortlessly.

But now, the ones being slaughtered, were they themselves…..

When the last one among the youths fell in a pool of his own blood, the fear that gripped at the heart of the leader of youths was almost at bursting point!

Suddenly, a shadow loomed over him, and a figure came into his vision. He hastily raised his head and his eyes saw a calm but cold and emotionless face.

“Useless bum.” Jun Wu Xie stared coldly at the youth crumpled on the ground.

The youth struggled to keep his head up and as Jun Xie’s cold chilly countenance fell into his eyes, the fear that still gripped at his heart spread throughout his entire body.

This was the very same coward that everybody claimed had holed himself up to hide from the rumours? This was the same Jun Xie that had lived clutching desperately onto Fan Jin’s protection?

Even if you killed him then, he would never believe that the Jun Xie before his eyes was the same cowardly Jun Xie that everybody said he was!

After the bloodbath, Qiao Chu walked over and picked up the youth crumpled upon the ground.

The brutal and violent action made the youth moan loudly in pain, and his face was deathly pale.

Having been picked up, and turned to stare at Jun Xie directly, the fear in him suddenly intensified making it hard for him to breathe.

The boy was just a skinny and tiny sized youth but his cold and chilling pair of eyes made one feel as though they had been suddenly transported into the icy and snowy mountains and the biting chill had seeped painfully into their bones.

Jun Wu Xie turned to Fan Jin standing on one side and said: “You want to ask?” As the target of the set up trap was obviously Fan Jin.

Fan Jin clenched his jaw and looked at the deathly pale youth. “Why?”

The youth was drenched in sweat at the intense pain he was feeling. He had never thought that they would fail and after having witnessed all his companions slaughtered one by one, the arrogance and haughtiness had all dissipated into nothing and he only wanted to live, hence he was willing to divulge everything he knew.

“It was Yin Yan….. Yin Yan was the one who asked us to do this….. I beg you to spare me….. Whatever you want to know, I will tell you…..” The earlier arrogance had disappeared and he was reduced to a useless wreck of fear and terror, crying buckets while he pleaded pitifully.

“Yin Yan? He wants to kill me?” Fan Jin had not expected the answer to be like this as he never had much interaction with Yin Yan and he did not know what could have caused Yin Yan to harbour such strong enmity towards him.

It had been the same with the incident in the dining hall. Yin Yan had come at him aggressively for no rhyme or reason and Fan Jin had not known the reason behind it.

“Yes. It’s him. He made someone lure you to us and got us to pretend to be injured. And when you come, we were to surround and attack you.” The youth said as he secretly eyed Jun Xie and the others.

The plan was supposed to be perfect. The youth that ran out was supposed to put up a convincingly act of a hapless and deeply terrorized disciple, that would definitely draw out the righteous and fiercely protective nature in Fan Jin that would bring him flying to them. Everything had worked out just as planned but for one major snag. They had thoroughly underestimated the skills and might of the branch division disciples with Fan Jin.

“He had said that if we succeeded in killing you, he would handsomely reward us. And if our ring spirits were to be injured in future, he would unconditionally treat them for us.”


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