GDBBM – Chapter 474

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Chapter 474: “Venomous Lady (1)”

If such a big number of people were really injured, the scent of blood in the air would have been much stronger and Jun Wu Xie only needed to sniff the air lightly, before she was certain that the scene before her eyes then was just an act.

Fan Jin bit on his lip. “When you agreed to come here, your real intention was to find out who was behind all this?”

Jun Wu Xie nodded again.

Fan Jin was suddenly silent. When he saw the reactions of Qiao Chu and the others, he believed they must have known everything all this while, but they had pretended not to know and walked right into the enemy’s trap, and the fact was that the target of that trap had been the only ignorant one among them all, himself.

All this time, he had proclaimed to be Jun Xie’s protector. Fan Jin finally realised that all the attacks that Jun Xie had suffered under, had almost all been because of himself. The guilt he felt in his heart at that moment, suffocated Fan Jin greatly.

“What do we do next?” Qiao Chu saw Fan Jin’s gloomy face and tried to change the topic, feeling a little sorry for Fan Jin.

Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes and suddenly called out: “Ye Sha.”

Just as Jun Wu Xie’s voice trailed off, a black shadowy figure suddenly appeared just behind her.

That man speed was so fast that even Hua Yao who was standing next to Jun Wu Xie was shocked. And when Hua Yao and Qiao Chu saw Ye Sha’s face, they immediately froze.

“You….. you….. Aren’t you…..” Qiao Chu would never forget that face his whole life. If it had not for this man’s self sacrifice by blowing his ownself up in the Cloudy Peaks that had held the two men back, he might not be alive now. But on that fateful day in the Cloudy Peaks, he was sure he had seen the man blow himself up completely, so how is it possible that he is here now, still in one piece?

Ye Sha’s eyes were fixed on Jun Wu Xie and there was no expression on that face. Ye Sha did not give Qiao Chu and Hua Yao even one single glance.

“This is not him.” Jun Wu Xie said suddenly.

Qiao Chu’s mouth opened and closed as he stared at Ye Sha in perplexity, but no sound came out of his mouth.

“Find me Ning Xin’s location.” Jun Wu Xie turned to Ye Sha and ordered.

“Yes!” The figure of Ye Sha shimmered and he disappeared completely from his spot.

Fan Jin, who had already been devastated with his earlier epiphany, suddenly found that he could not make his face show a more shocked expression anymore.

“Little Xie, you are going after those people called Ning Xin and Yin Yan next?” Fei Yan asked with a sweet smile as he looked at Jun Xie. From what the youth had said earlier, the whole gang had finally understood the whole situation and they had naturally identified the mastermind behind this assassination attempt.

“No rush.” Jun Wu Xie said as she shook her head slightly.

After all that Ning Xin had done to Fan Jin, it had become like a fuse cord, that had led Jun Wu Xie to some clues to an unraveled mystery that had been on Jun Wu Xie’s mind. She intended to gather more clues from it, for her to arrive at the answer that she seeked.

“Who is this Ning Xin?” Jun Wu Xie asked, turning to the gloomy Fan Jin. When that youth had mentioned Ning Xin earlier, Fan Jin’s face had displayed great consternation. It was as if that having Ning Xin being the mastermind behind all the treachery was more unacceptable to him than if it had been Yin Yan.

“She is Ning Rui’s daughter and Ning Rui is my father’s junior fellow disciple, currently taking up the position of Vice Headmaster in the Zephyr Academy. He is very close to my father and Ning Xin could have been said to have grown up together with me and Little Zhuo. Moreover….. Ning Xin and Little Zhuo are engaged in marriage but due to Little Zhuo’s health condition, he needed to recuperate and they seldom met. Ning Rui had initially spent a lot of time and spared no effort to seek treatment for Little Zhuo’s illness and even Ning Xin had often taken care of Little Zhuo them….. How could it possibly be her?” Fan Jin scratched furiously at his head in frustration. He really could not make himself picture Ning Xin to be a conspiratory and manipulative lady and link that to the soft spoken and gentle image he had always had of her in his mind.

Although Fan Zhuo and Ning Xin were not yet married, but Fan Jin had long seen her as his sister-in-law.

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