GDBBM – Chapter 467

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Chapter 467: “Consecutive Slaps – Second Form (1)”

High atop Rolly’s shoulders, Jun Wu Xie was still enjoying the soft fluffy touch of the ring spirit’s thick fur when she narrowed her eyes suddenly. The light wind that blew past her carried with it the faint but distinct scent of blood that she absolutely abhorred!

“Stop!” Jun Wu Xie said suddenly.

The team immediately stopped in their tracks.

“What is it?” Fan Jin frowned, worried.

“I smell blood.” Jun Wu Xie replied, her brow furrowing.

“Spirit Beasts?” Qiao Chu turned around and sniffed with his nose, but he did not smell anything unusual and gave up.

“Human blood.” Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed. The scent was extremely faint and if they had not been moving in a direction against the wind, the scent would not have reached them. Due to the fact that the scent was carried here by the wind and that it was very faint, Jun Wu Xie deduced that they were still a distance away from the source. She looked up and stared into the wind. They had come to the edge of the area marked out on the map and if they moved inwards any further, they would be stepping into territories beyond the area marked safe by the Zephyr Academy.

Qiao Chu and the others turned their eyes to peer into the direction that Jun Xie was looking at. That part of the forest had denser trees and vegetation that any areas they had passed before. Every tree looked to be more than ten metres in height and their thick overhanging canopies covered the area they were looking at completely, making it too dark to see clearly what was past those trees.

“Is it coming from in there?” Qiao Chu asked.

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

“Shall we go see?” Qiao Chu was eager to have found something to do. The area marked out by the Zephyr Academy mainly only had low grade Spirit Beasts and posed no challenge to them. And with the towering figure of Rolly in their midst, they had not even managed to come across those low grade Spirit Beasts. If things continued on like this, Qiao Chu felt like he was bound to go mad with boredom.

Jun Wu Xie turned her gaze to Fan Jin. She did not have any other objective coming into the Battle Spirits Forest but to slaughter any targets that came to them on their own to seek their own deaths.

Fan Jin was silent a moment before he said: “That area encroaches into the center regions of the Battle Spirits Forest and within it, not only high grade Spirit Beasts roam, but you might even encounter Guardian Grade Spirit Beasts. Are you sure you want to go in there?”

“Guardian Grade Spirit Beasts?” Qiao Chu asked with a raised eyebrow.

“It is rumoured that Guardian Grade Spirit Beasts are unbelievably strong and even purple spirit users have to run away from them. Till now, no one has ever been known to be able to successfully hunt down a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast.” When Fan Jin mentioned Guardian Grade Spirit Beasts, he could not help it but to feel awe and fear rise within his heart.

A Guardian Grade Spirit Beast, that was a grade that no one had dared to ever challenge.

Qiao Chu had been anxiously eager to to go check it out, but after hearing Fan Jin’s words of warning, he was looking visibly much more subdued.

The few of them might be able to use some extraordinary method to forced the spiritual powers within their bodies to reach the purple spirit level, but it was only for short periods of time and it greatly depletes their spiritual power. Unless it was to saves the lives of their companions or themselves, they would much rather choose not to use it.

“Cough, I think we better look around someplace else.” Qiao Chu said practically. Although he did not know if Guardian Grade Spirit Beasts were as terrifying as Fan Jin’s words had made them out to be, but he did not want to use up too much of his spiritual power in a place like this.

However, Jun Wu Xie was still staring at the wide forest of tall trees and just as she turned herself away, a ragged figure covered in blood ran out from those trees, and looking at the blood stained clothes he was wearing, they could just make it out to be the uniform of the Zephyr Academy!

That figure was running with all his might, his face a mask of terror, and he was screaming at the top of his lungs. He stumbled and fell a few times, running and crawling in escape, in a direction towards Fan Jin and his team.

It might be due to the shock, but when the disciple saw Fan Jin, who was similarly dressed in the uniform of the Zephyr Academy, he began crying and shouting for help as he scrambled his way over to him.

“Help! Help!” As if clutching at his last straw of hope, the youth fell onto the ground before Fan Jin and pleaded loudly clutching at the corner of Fan Jin’s clothes.

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