GDBBM – Chapter 468

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Chapter 468: “Consecutive Slaps – Second Form (2)”

The disciple’s clothes were all badly tattered and torn and a large deep gash that had cut him to the bone looking extremely garish. The countless cuts and gashes all over his body made one want to turn away in horror and his face was deathly pale. Looking at the expression on his face, the disciple must have been scared out of his wits.

The direction that the disciple had run out from showed that that area was outside of the boundaries depicted on the map given to them by the Zephyr Academy and by right, there should not have been any of the Zephyr Academy’s disciples in there.

“What happened?” Fan Jin helped the disciple up and found that the disciple was trembling in fright and the disciple stuttered: “Spirit Beast….. It’s a Spirit Beast….. There’s a Spirit Beast in there! Huge! Humongous!” The disciple was raving and it was a while before he realised that it was Fan Jin who was standing before him. He suddenly regained his senses and pleaded with all his might: “Senior Fan! Save me! Please save me!”

“Is anyone else in there?” Fan Jin asked with a worried frown. The center regions of the Beast Spirits Forest was an area that nobody had ever dared set foot into. So what were all these disciples doing in there?

“Yes….. there are….. many of us….. Senior Fan, please hurry and save them…..” The disciple cried as tears ran down his face.

Jun Wu Xie was silent as she looked at the disciple groveling at Fan Jin’s feet, her eyes not showing a ripple of emotion.

Fan Jin turned his head at that moment to look at Jun Xie as he had subconsciously started to seek Jun Xie’s opinion. He did not know what kind of Spirit Beast those disciples had encountered and it was highly possible that in the center region, it could very well be a champion grade Spirit Beast and if that was the case, they might still not be able to contain it sufficiently to escape.

Rescue or abandon?

“Senior Fan wants to rescue them?” Jun Wu Xie asked suddenly.

Fan Jin hesitated a moment before he nodded slightly. “We are afterall from the same academy.” The disciple who fled had his bloodied hands still tightly clasped on Fan Jin, and the warmth from the blood that had seeped in through his clothes was clearly felt on his skin.

Jun Wu Xie did not immediately reply but only stared at the disciple from her higher position and after a brief moment, she slowly said: “When you met with such danger, why didn’t you release the signal flare?”

Before entering the Battle Spirits Forest, all the disciples were given two distress signal flares to carry with them just for emergencies like this.

The disciple raised his head and when his eyes saw the massive Yin Yang Bear, he was suddenly speechless. His terror filled eyes flashed with shock a brief moment but quickly reverted back to terror once again. “The canopies of the trees in there are too thick and we were not able to release our signal flares in there.” After saying that, the disciple pulled out two used signal flares and showed them to the group.

In regions where the tree were immensely tall and grew extremely close to each other, they would prevent signal flares from being fired effectively. The distress signal flares the Zephyr Academy disciples were supplied with were meant to be used only within the boundaries marked out on the map. Although the tree population was rather dense as well, the heights their treetops reached were significantly lower and would not completely block out the flares from the distress signals. But if the disciples went in further, treading into the center regions of the Battle Spirits Forest, it would not be impossible if such circumstances were to happen.

Jun Wu Xie continued to stare at the injured disciple, her cold chilly eyes stopping briefly on the badly bloodied face. She finally turned her eyes away and said: “Then, let’s go.”

Jun Wu Xie’s words made Fan Jin heave a sigh of relief but Qiao Chu and his gang exchanged glances with each other, as if sharing unspoken thoughts telepathically, without saying a word.

“This is my distress signal flare. We will go rescue them now. Fire it in a while and the Teachers in charge will rush over to come get you shortly.” Fan Jin handed to the disciple medicine and the distress signal flare he had on him and gave his instructions carefully.

The disciple immediately nodded in gratitude.

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