GDBBM – Chapter 466

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Chapter 466: “Being Cute Has Its Perks (4)”

For the next few days, Jun Wu Xie and her team roamed about within the Beast Spirits Forest and the amount of Spirit Stones stored within the cosmos sack increased more and more. Although they were mainly just small spirit stones acquired from lower grade Spirit Beasts, the large quantity still gave the team a considerable yield.

Within these few days, they brushed shoulders with several other small teams, but most of them were from the branch division and the disciples in those teams were usually nervous when they encountered Jun Wu Xie’s team.

The criteria for assessment for the Spirit Hunt was based mainly on the quantity of spirit stones each and every disciple held in their hands at the end of the event. Hence, besides hunting down Spirit Beasts, some of the stronger teams had even resorted to robbing the spirit stones from weaker opposing teams, and the teams from the branch division were usually made to be prime targets. The skills and power of the teams from the branch division were usually far inferior to teams from the main division and they were only able to successfully hunt low grade Spirit Beasts with large numbers which usually resulted in insufficient quantity in spirit stones to be split among the many disciples involved. On top of that, when they cross paths with teams from the main division, their meager stock of spirit stones were usually forcibly taken from them as well.

And the result was that teams from the branch division detected that teams from the main division were near, they were usually seen to run away faster than when they encountered Spirit Beasts.

Most teams from the main division avoided Fan Jin when they encounter his team. Although they were usually highly tempted to rob the team tagged as the “weakest team”, they were nevertheless wary of Fan Jin presence, and did not dare act rashly against him and his team.

“I heard everybody saying that the Battle Spirits Forest was full of dangers everywhere, why am I feeling so bored then?” Qiao Chu had his hands clasped behind his head, and his habitual blade of grass dangling from his mouth, as he strode nonchalantly, bringing up the rear of his team.

The consecutive days of idleness besides overpowering Spirit Beasts with a low attack power of five made him restless with the inactivity.

Fan Jin turned around to look at Qiao Chu. After the past few days of interaction with the team, his heart had recovered somewhat from initial utter devastation at his lack of abilities to numb acceptance.

After he witnessed Qiao Chu’s and his gang’s skills and power, he suddenly realised that even if he gathered the top ten ranked disciples of the Zephyr Academy together to form a team, their combined power would still pale in comparison to his current teammates.

Scaring the living daylights of other disciples, the ferocious and merciless Spirit Beasts suddenly became tame sheep awaiting their slaughter before his monstrous teammates.

Not to mention…..

Fan Jin’s eyes strayed to steal a glance at the towering and massive Yin Yang Bear, Rolly.

Ever since after Jun Xie had healed Rolly, Qiao Chu had not had the chance to send Rolly back to the Spirit World. Whenever Qiao Chu showed any such intention, Rolly would at the first instance speed to stand before Jun Xie and present his soft and fluffy tummy, by suddenly lying on the ground right before Jun Xie to allow Jun Xie to pat him.

And whenever that happened…..

A glare from Jun Xie always quickly convinced Qiao Chu otherwise, as he could only cry tearlessly as his ring spirit continued to embarrass him endlessly.

It had gotten worse now. Rolly had decided that it might as well serve to be Jun Xie’s alternative mode of transport and carried Jun Xie upon its shoulders. With its two stubby legs, it huffed and puffed as it kept pace with the others in the team.

WIth such a massive ring spirit like Rolly so prominently present with the team, all the lower grade Spirit Beasts in this region of the Battle Spirits Forest were driven into flurried escape when they sensed Rolly’s dominating presence before they even saw their team, resulting in that team not even being able to see a single bunny.

For the whole of today, they were not even able to spot a single low grade Spirit Beast and Qiao Chu was almost on the verge of chewing his own ring spirit’s claws in restlessness.

Sitting high atop Rolly’s shoulders, Jun Wu Xie was enjoying the soft feel and touch of Rolly’s fluffy fur when suddenly, her eyes narrowed slightly. She had smelled a slight tinge of blood carried here by the light breeze that blew past them!

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