GDBBM – Chapter 465

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Chapter 465: “Being Cute Has Its Perks (3)”

After Jun Wu Xie completed the first round of healing for the Double Headed Bone Snake, the Double Headed Bone Snake showed significant improvement in its condition, and both its heads that were drooping wearily before lifted up strongly.

Having finished the treatment, Jun Wu Xie fell backwards suddenly.

When Qiao Chu and the others saw Jun Xie falling backwards, they were shocked and they scrambled in a hurry to rush to him, afraid that the depletion of energy required for the consecutive healing of two high grade ring spirits might have been too much for their petite little companion.

However, before they managed to get to Jun Xie…..

Jun Wu Xie suddenly squealed and was buried into the deep thick fur on Rolly’s considerable sized tummy. Her small frame was almost completely engulfed into Rolly’s soft belly and Jun Wu Xie let out a big sigh within the comfy softness.

All the others who had already made it midway towards Jun Xie suddenly stopped in their tracks and a twitching could be seen on their temples as they strode back to their original spots.

They realised that Jun Xie’s spirit power had not been completely exhausted, but he had just wanted to enjoy the soft and furry comfort of the huge belly behind him…..

That sudden realisation made the companions who had just witnessed Jun Xie’s unhesitant and decisive killer instinct unable to come to terms with the irrational and drastic contrast.

“Huh?” Rolly lowered its head and looked at Jun Xie who was lying spreadeagled on his tummy, and its head tilted to one side, not understanding.

“Healing later.” Jun Wu Xie patted Rolly on its tummy, immersing herself into the fluffy fur. However, Jun Wu Xie suddenly got up and stared at Rolly’s tummy with a deep frown.

“It’s not fluffy.” Jun Wu Xie grumbled, the frown still on her face.

“Wooo…..” Feeling that it had been spurned, Rolly rubbed sadly at its rotund belly, attempting to fluff up its own fur.

Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes and infused her hand with spirit power once again before she lifted it. She placed her hand over Rolly’s tummy and the the fur that had lost its lustre suddenly become fluffy and soft. Jun Wu Xie looked critically as the change happened under her eyes and she retracted her hand after she was satisfied with what she saw. She then proceeded to jump once again into the soft fur that had been restored to his fluffy state.

The little black cat had grown used to its mistress weakness for anything soft, furry and cute and it jumped up calmly onto Rolly’s shoulder and pawed at the fur a little to fluff it up and lay down after making the spot comfortable.

Fei Yan was back at his spot by the lake and was smiling widely at the sight before him. He turned to Qiao Chu and said, suddenly looking serious: “I just found out that your Rolly has another ability.”

“What?” Qiao Chu asked, deeply curious.   

“Making Little Xie happy.” Fei Yan said with a loud guffaw.

That kid Jun Xie always had a stoic face on him all day long and was cold and expressionless. It was on rare occasions like this that they saw a crack on the immovable glacier and witnessed these more human emotions displayed by him. The credit went fully to Rolly’s clever “exploitation” by “sacrificing its body” that their eyes were treated to such an eyeopener.

Qiao Chu’s face scrunched up and it flushed red all of a sudden. He glared at Fei Yan and got up to stomp off, coming to sit down beside Fan Jin instead.

“All these rascals, with not a single one of them normal. I think you are the most normal one among us.” Qiao Chu was feeling harassed by his other companions and came to seek consolation from the sensible Fan Jin.

Fan Jin’s mouth twitched and in his heart, he thought: [You are rather abnormal yourself if you do realise!]

Although Rolly and the Double Headed Bone Snake still carried injuries on them, but based on their massive size and the power he felt from the two ring spirits, Fan Jin was certain that the grades that two ring spirits belonged to were extraordinarily high! Higher than any ring spirit that Fan Jin had ever seen before.

A group of disciples from the branch division, whose skills and power completely overshadowed the Spirit Tournament’s fourth rank, and whose ring spirits made his own ring spirit to show respect and fear.

These youths that Jun Xie had gathered together to join their team, where had all these monstrously powerful youths sprouted out from, a rock?”

They were all just like Jun Xie! Scarily and unbelievably strong!

Fan Jin self confidence had all been shattered into dust before Qiao Chu and his gang. He suddenly felt incredibly sad for all those other disciples who had mocked and ridiculed this team before they had entered the forest. He was not leading a team of parasites who depended on his power for protection, but he had actually teamed up with a whole bunch of incredibly and inconceivably powerful people who smashed all norms beyond all his expectations!

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