GDBBM – Chapter 464

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Chapter 464: “Being Cute Has Its Perks (2)”

Qiao Chu was feeling too ashamed to look at Jun Xie. His ring spirit had been guilty of such a shameless and humiliating atrocity. Fortunately, the Yin Yang Bear was incapable of speech, if the Yin Yang Bear had said all that was in its heart then, Qiao Chu would have jumped into the lake to drown himself in humiliation.

Jun Wu Xie raised her eyes and looked at the furry figure before her, its head lowered and its paw extended. Her eyes narrowed slightly and she lifted her hand to slap the Yin Yang Bear’s paw aside.

“Oww~” The towering Yin Yang Bear whined pitifully as it held the paw that had been slapped away to its chest, its face looking heartrendingly hurt as it looked at Jun Xie pleadingly.

“The Double Headed Bone Snake’s injuries are more serious. He goes first.” Jun Wu Xie’s face was stern as she admonished the Yin Yang Bear.

The Yin Yang Bear turned to look at the unmoving and dispirited Double Headed Bone Snake lying on the ground, and turned back to look at Jun Xie again, before it struggled reluctantly to shift its big furry behind. It shifted its lumbering body and made some space before it lifted both its chubby paws to move the Double Headed Bone Snake to come right before Jun Xie. Its enormous behind jiggled once more as it shifted its position and came to rest right behind Jun Wu Xie, its two stubby hind legs stretched out beside Jun Wu Xie’s tiny form.

Luckily, the huge towering bear had a great girth and it wide width allowed Jun Wu Xie ample room to move and carry out her Spirit Healing.

Qiao Chu could not bear to look on at his ring spirit’s idiocy any longer. He clutched at his chest and turned around to rest against Fei Yan’s shoulder, looking all humiliated and embarrassed.

“Can I request for a change of ring spirits? This is too outrageous….. My Rolly wouldn’t possibly do something this shameless!”

Qiao Chu only wanted to remember his Rolly’s magnificence and overwhelming strength as the Yin Yang Bear, that had dominated and earned for itself a well respected place. He was not willing to accept the fact that the black and white fluffy panda behind him that was trying so hard to act cute was the same dominating ring spirit of his.

Ring spirits were spiritual bodies and when they got injured, they did not feel the same pain like humans, when the agony stemmed from their flesh and bones. When ring spirits got gravely injured, they become very weak and they would be tormented by agony of another kind. The pain that torments the spirit cannot be described by words and ever since Rolly realised that when Jun Xie put his hand on him, he would feel much better, and his spirit gets healed, that was the only thing that he knew and cared about, the small sized boy that was able to drive away his agony.

Jun Wu Xie did not give the panda who was still trying its best to stick to her any more attention, but raised her hand and infused her palm with spiritual energy and transferred it into the Double Headed Bone Snake’s body, patching up its spirit’s deficiencies a little by little.

It was easy when people talked about patching up a deficient spirit, but the execution was inconceivably complicated. Spirits were in actuality formless and when they got injured, they become weak. To target their deficiencies and patch them up completely, required a certain level of endurance and strength of mind. The spirit energy that was to be infused into the ring spirit had to be controlled and precise. If the energy flow was too weak, it would not heal any of the deficiencies, and if it was too strong, the spirit energy flow might burn the ring spirit’s spirit essence.

Under the extended period of healing, Jun Wu Xie needed to maintain a constant flow of spirit energy and the speed called for unbroken consistency.

The meticulous precision required was right up her alley and she discovered after having achieved her breakthrough, her spirit power had grown more abundant. Although it was still insufficient to fully heal the Double Headed Bone Snake and the Yin Yang Bear in one go, it nevertheless allowed her to shorten the whole healing process. The Double Headed Bone Snake’s and the Yin Yang Bear’s injuries were not as severe as what the Snow Lotus sustained, and barring any unexpected incidents, Jun Wu Xie was confident that she would be able to heal both the ring spirits back to their peak condition.

Jun Wu Xie carried out the healing for the Double Headed Bone Snake in silence while the others just around quietly, not daring to distract Jun Xie even the slightest. Even Qiao Chu who had been deeply embarrassed by his ring spirit’s shameful actions swallowed all his grumbles, and was reduced to squatting in a corner subdued, nibbling on dry rations, watching Jun Xie carry out her Spirit Healing.

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