GDBBM – Chapter 463

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Chapter 463: “Being Cute Has Its Perks  (1)”

It finally dawned on Qiao Chu why Jun Xie had asked the black beast to kill Li Zi Mu. Jun Xie had planned this right from the start.

It was a fact, that in the Battle Spirits Forest, disciples were often attacked by the Spirit Beasts. And if they did not dodge in time, quite a number of them would lose their lives here.

In the eyes of all the others from the main division, this puny team of theirs was the weakest among them all. The only one who would be deemed capable was only Fan Jin, but Fan Jin alone would not be able to protect all of them from harm.

Hence, Li Zi Mu’s death would become plausible.

“Vicious, that’s just vicious.” Qiao Chu almost prostrated himself before Jun Xie’s deep and complex mind. Jun Xie must have already thought the whole thing through the moment he had first agreed to allow Li Zi Mu to join their team.

Jun Wu Xie looked at Qiao Chu, her face expressionless, and did not say a word.

She had been more concerned on her breakthrough in her spiritual power. Before devouring the Silver Wolf, she had been stuck at the orange level’s bottleneck for rather long. Over this period, she had continued to absorb spiritual energy but the level had not increased. And with this breakthrough, it had suddenly released all that stored and pent up spiritual energy within her body and pushed her spiritual power up explosively. Although she had just broken through to the yellow level, she could faintly feel that she was not too far off from green.

The pace at which her powers were increasing, was downright alarming.

Jun Wu Xie gripped the Spirit Prison within her hand tightly. If the chance presented itself, she wouldn’t mind devouring another ring spirit before the Spirit Hunt ended.

Jun Wu Xie did not tell the others of her intentions, and they moved out after discussing their way forward a little.

The Battle Spirits Forest in the day, was much easier to traverse than at night, and the checkpoints indicated on the map could mostly be found. The small team made good progress, finding it unexpectedly easy. The occasional low grade Spirit Beast appeared but Qiao Chu and the gang disposed of them quickly, without any difficulty.

The longer Fan Jin was in the team, the more he was overcome with awe. He had initially thought that with the unbelievably gifted Jun Xie in the team, the team had become rather amazing. But they had not gone much further when he witnessed the skills of Qiao Chu and his gang. He was certain that among these youths, not a single one among them had skills inferior to his.

The Zephyr Academy’s Spirit Tournament’s esteemed fourth in rank, was finding himself continuously shocked into speechlessness by these disciples from the branch division. He really did not know whether to laugh or cry.

They slaughtered all the Spirit Beasts that stood in their way, and they progressed very quickly. Before noon, they arrived at the side of a lake and they decided to rest awhile.

“Summon the Yin Yang Bear and the Double Headed Bone Snake.” They had just stopped and Jun Wu Xie immediately turned to Hua Yao and Qiao Chu.

Qiao Chu and the others had noticed earlier when Jun Xie had been intimidating Li Zi Mu, that Jun Xie was actually able to heal the Yin Yang Bear’s injuries. When they heard Jun Wu Xie’s words, they immediately jumped at the chance and summoned their ring spirits without hesitation.

Because the Yin Yang Bear had already undergone Jun Wu Xie’s healing earlier, it was much more alert than the Double Headed Bone Snake. It was not known whether it was Jun Xie’s earlier healing that had greatly impressed the Yin Yang Bear, but immediately after it was summoned, it walked tottering to come before Jun Wu Xie, its huge lumbering body like a small hill as it sat down with a loud thump, and raised its furry paw and stretched it out before Jun Wu Xie.

The next moment, Qiao Chu’s face was suddenly flushed a deep shade of red.

“Darn it! Can that fat blob be more shameless than that!? It is actually trying to curry favour with someone else besides me! How humiliating !” All the other might know know it, but Qiao Chu was acutely aware of what kind of emotions were going through the Yin Yang Bear at that moment. The Yin Yang Bear was asking to be healed and that stretched out paw was meant as an exchange!

[I’ll let you stroke and touch, you heal up my injuries.]

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