GDBBM – Chapter 462

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Chapter 462: “Consecutive Slaps – First Form (9)”

When Jun Wu Xie had achieved a breakthrough in her spiritual power the first time, she had absorbed the Soaring Serpent. It had been extremely difficult for her that time and Jun Wu Xie had prepared herself for it, and she got Drunk Lotus stay by her side to stand guard for her.

After closing the Spirit Prison, Jun Wu Xie took a deep breath. Just like she did the last time, she turned the top of the Spirit Prison, and closed her eyes, absorbing the spirit’s essence emanating from the Spirit Prison into her body.

However, the absorption this time was a lot smoother and it did not cause her much discomfort. Jun Wu Xie devoured the Silver Wolf’s spirit completely and felt the power permeating throughout her entire body, and the remnants of bitterness from the Silver Wolf made one feel surprisingly satisfied.

The process was smooth that the absorption left Jun Wu Xie feeling a little concerned. Little did she know that a fifth grade Silver Wolf could not even begin to compared with the Soaring Serpent in the least.

When she had devoured the Soaring Serpent the first time, if it had not been for Jun Wu Yao who stayed by her side, it would have been impossible for Jun Wu Xie to completely absorb the Soaring Serpent. And after Jun Wu Xie had experienced having devoured the mighty Soaring Serpent, devouring a mere fifth grade ring spirit would no longer pose a challenge.

Jun Wu Xie merely used about two hours’ time to fully absorb the Silver Wolf’s spirit cleanly. After the Silver Wolf’s spirit was completely devoured, a yellow glow flared menacingly from Jun Wu Xie’s entire body. The explosive flare of yellow light pierced right through the densely overlapping leaves from the canopies of the trees, enveloping the area in a bright warm glow!

Qiao Chu and the others were waiting patiently below the tree when they suddenly felt the waves of spiritual power rippling through the air. They raised their heads to look up immediately and were immensely shocked when they saw the yellow light shining strongly through the leaves high up in the trees.

“Yellow spirit….. Little Xie has broken through to the yellow spirit so quickly!!” Qiao Chu’s eyes were wide. If his memory served him correctly, Jun Xie was only fourteen this year and his ring spirit had just awoken not long before. And now, he had already attained the yellow spirit in such a short period of time?

Although Qiao Chu and his gang were able to execute the power of a purple spirit, the effect was just temporary. They had actually used a method that had existed in the Middle Realm to gain the power of a purple spirit for a short period of time, and it was Jun Xie’s abnormally fast speed in her increase of power that really amazed them.

A fourteen year old orange spirit already had people tongue tied, if people got to know that Jun Xie had broken through to the yellow level…..

Qiao Chu swallowed subconsciously, as he turned to the only “normal” person among them, to look at Fan Jin.

Fan Jin’s face was overcome with utter shock. His jaw dropped, his eyes bulged and he stood still as stone. The “statue’s” head was craned all the way back, staring up into the tall trees, as if frozen in time.

Fan Jin was rather talented, having broken through to the yellow level at seventeen, and was considered to be well gifted and rarely seen. Jun Xie was years younger than he was and was already evenly matched to him when his ring spirit had just awoken not too long ago. He wouldn’t call that gifted, that was just devilishly monstrous!

Fan Jin’s self esteem was suddenly severely devastated!

Moments later, Drunk Lotus came down from the tree with Jun Wu Xie, his pure white flowy robes and graceful descent making him look like a deity had just descended.

Drunk Lotus and Jun Xie had returned, but the Silver Wolf that Drunk Lotus had brought up with him was nowhere in sight. Qiao Chu and the others estimated the time they had been gone and thought that the Silver Wolf must have returned to the Spirit World and they did not probe any further on it.

“What are we going to do with this?” Qiao Chu asked as he kicked at Li Zi Mu’s lifeless body. The other youths had seen Li Zi Mu go with Fan Jin and Jun Xie when they left. If anyone were to find Li Zi Mu’s body here, it might be difficult to explain themselves.

“Leave him.” Jun Wu Xie said as she glanced at Li Zi Mu’s body and then continued: “We are here to hunt for Spirit Beasts, and the Spirit Beasts are sure to fight back.”


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