GDBBM – Chapter 459

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Chapter 459: “Consecutive Slaps – First Form (6)”

Li Zi Mu’s teeth started chattering under Jun Wu Xie’s frosty gaze.

‘Jun Xie yearned to learn the Spirit Healing technique? He was such a joke!’

Li Zi Mu finally realised it now. The words he had said when he had pleaded to be spared. Those words sounded so funny now. With the skills Jun Xie had displayed with Spirit Healing here, it was not inferior to Gu Li Sheng’s. And with Jun Xie possessing such skills, Jun Xie did not need him to plead with Gu Li Sheng at all.

All his strength left Li Zi Mu then. He hung limply, only held up by Hua Yao and Qiao Chu on two sides, and his eyes were filled with dejection.

He had given everything he had, in pursuit of what he wanted but it turned out Jun Xie had it in him all this time. He found himself a joke when the very person he had tried to destroy with whatever means possible, and it turned out Jun Xie was so many times stronger than he was. Why had he been so obsessed with being in the Spirit Healer faculty? He had gotten himself admitted, and so what? He was still a useless piece of trash that had absolutely no idea how to use the Spirit Healing technique!

All those flattering and fawning voices sounded in his head at that moment. Those very same voices that had made Li Zi Mu so pleased with himself in self conceit, now made him hang his head in shame.

The skill that Jun Xie had shown in his Spirit Healing had felt like a slap across his face, smashing Li Zi Mu’s false pride to pieces.

He had not learnt anything, and it had been purely because that he was accepted into the Spirit Healer faculty that everyone else had put him high up on a pedestal. Even under Gu Li Sheng’s meticulous teachings and instructions, he had still amounted to nothing.

While Jun Xie who had already possessed such extraordinary skill in Spirit Healing, was subjected to suffer under everyone’s wrath just because of a misunderstanding during his enrollment into the academy.

Li Zi Mu had thought he was better than Jun Xie in every single way, but the exact opposite had instead been true. While he had been cluelessly absorbed in his own conceit, Jun Xie must have seen him as the biggest joke alive.

Jun Wu Xie walked slowly towards Li Zi Mu, and LI Zi Mu could not help but shiver like a leaf in the wind, while his face was drained of colour, and his eyes stared widened, unable to take his eyes off Jun Xie.

“Don’t….. don’t…… come here…..” Li Zi Mu’s voice trembled and he felt the terror overwhelm him completely. He suddenly turned his head and looked in Fan Jin’s direction and shouted: “Senior Fan! Save me! Jun Xie wants to kill me! He is going to kill me! Arrrgghhh! I am a disciple of the Spirit Healer faculty! If I am to die, my Master was not let the matter rest easy!”

The murderous intent in Jun Wu Xie’s eyes terrified him and Li Zi Mu only had Fan Jin to plead to.

Fan Jin’s brow furrowed and he raised his head to look at Li Zi Mu.

“In actual fact, Gu Li Sheng had chosen Jun Xie right from the start. And due to some reasons, Jun Xie cannot be seen to be within the Spirit Healer faculty. You were just someone Gu Li Sheng randomly picked to be used as a cover for his initial words. If you had not spread such malicious rumours about Jun Xie, you would have been able to remain with the Spirit Healer faculty and none of this would have happened. You should not have intentionally caused such harm to others, just to justify your own vanity.”

Fan Jin would have pitied Li Zi Mu, but when he thought of all that Li Zi Mu had done, he suddenly could not find it within himself to spare Li Zi Mu any sympathy.

Jun Xie might have a cold personality, but he had a mind of his own and was not easily swayed. He was fiercely independant, of both mind and body.

If the same thing had happened to other disciples, they most probably would have left the Zephyr Academy.

And by leaving the Zephyr Academy, they would have killed their own chance for success. When Li Zi Mu had so maliciously spread those rumours throughout the academy, had he ever thought he was going to ruin a person’s future?

A rumour repeated often enough was seen as fact, and countless people have died under the toxicity of a mere rumour!

“Wh….. What…..” Li Zi Mu was at a total loss for words. He would never have ever thought, that the truth of the matter would be anything like this!

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