GDBBM – Chapter 460

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Chapter 460: “Consecutive Slaps – First Form (7)”

“You finally understand, it was actually Jun Xie who gave you that rare chance, you did not have what they wanted at the Spirit Healer faculty.” Fan Jin looked at Li Zi Mu, his face forlorn and depressed.

Li Zi Mu’s mouth just gaped open, unable to say a word.

He was admitted into the Spirit Healer faculty because of Jun Xie, and he had still told such slanderous lies about him…..

“Just to let you know, the bottle that you threw at the jackals earlier, belonged to Little Xie as well.” Qiao Chu said with a smile, unable to resist taking another jibe at the despondent figure before him.

Li Zi Mu cowered lower.

“Stepping upon others to elevate your own status, this scoundrel seems really good at it.” Fei Yan said, giving a sideways glare at Li Zi Mu, who was so terrified that he was about to pee in his pants.

“I’m sorry….. I really am….. I realise my mistake….. I beg you….. Don’t kill me….. I will do whatever you tell me…..” His pride and ego had been stripped and trampled, Li Zi Mu only felt terror like never before, every single pore on him screamed in terror.


Jun Wu Xie was not about to accept his apology, she stared at Li Zi Mu, as she would a dead person.

“Summon your ring spirit.” Jun Wu Xie said.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…..” Li Zi Mu was ranting subconsciously.

Fei Yan was highly irked by his ramblings and delivered a heavy punch onto his stomach!


A mouthful of blood gushed out from Li Zi Mu’s mouth immediately! The blood was mixed with some unidentifiable substance from within Li Zi Mu’s body.

Qiao Chu gulped loudly. Fei Yan had possessed extraordinary strength from a very young age. That strike had only been hardly a third of Fei Yan’s full strength and Li Zi Mu was already in such a bad shape.

“Stop, don’t hit me….. I’ll summon it, I’ll summon it…..” That one strike had made him sustained heavy injuries. Li Zi Mu was crying in pain as he summoned his ring spirit in the next moment.

Li Zi Mu might be as useless as trash, but his ring spirit was of a rather good grade.

A silvery white wolf ring spirit appeared before their eyes. At the same moment the Silver Wolf appeared, Li Zi Mu’s eyes suddenly turned vicious. The Silver Wolf leapt quick as lightning at Jun Wu Xie, its huge jaws wide open, aimed straight at Jun Wu Xie’s throat!

And with a sudden white flash, pure white light exploded from Jun Wu Xie’s hand. The white flash of light leapt to meet the leaping silver wolf head on!

“Hooowl ! !” The Silver Wolf suddenly howled pitifully.

A slightly pink cheeked youth had appeared suddenly. He cut a dashingly handsome figure and his pure white robes billowed. He held a wine jar in one hand and the other was holding the silver wolf up in mid air, grabbing it by its neck. The pair of beautiful eyes were half closed in drunkenness and his face was one that showed utter contempt.

“Tsk, I was wondering….. Just a fifth grade silver wolf and you dare to even think of striking my Mistress!? You must really hate living, don’t you ?” Drunk Lotus smirked and his half closed eyes flashed with chilling murder. He closed his grip on the Silver Wolf’s neck and the Silver Wolf struggled violently in vain, and not a sound could even come out through its constricted throat.

The white robed youth who had suddenly appeared made Li Zi Mu’s face pale with shock once again. He had placed his last bet on his silver wolf and he did not expect that with his fifth grade silver wolf coupled with the element of surprise would be so easily stopped by the youth, and with one hand yet!

His last hope completely dashed, Li Zi Mu stared at Drunk Lotus in despair, his eyes glazed.

“Give up?” Jun Wu Xie raised her head and stared at Li Zi Mu.

“I….. I….. I’m sorry….. I won’t dare do it again…..” His silver wolf was still gripped in Drunk Lotus’ hand and Li Zi Mu could only see doom before him.

“Little Black.” Jun Wu Xie called out coldly.

“Kill him.”

Just as Jun Wu Xie finished her statement, the little black cat upon her shoulders jumped off and morphed into its massive black beast form, and leapt straight at the suddenly screaming Li Zi Mu!

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