GDBBM – Chapter 458

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Chapter 458: “Consecutive Slaps – First Form (5)”

“Master gives me a lot of attention. I….. I will plead with him to allow you to be admitted into the Spirit Healer about you let me go now?” Li Zi Mu was trembling visibly from fright.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyebrow arched.

“You will plead with him?”

Li Zi Mu thought that there was still room for negotiation when Jun Wu Xie said those words and he said hurriedly: “I’ll plead with him! Master dotes on me the most! If I ask him, he is sure to agree!”

Jun Wu Xie paid Li Zi Mu no attention and turned to Qiao Chu. “Summon the Yin Yang Bear.”

Qiao Chu was shocked. His Yin Yang Bear had not fully recovered from its injuries and was still very weak. He did not know what Jun Xie intended to do but he did as told and summoned the Yin Yang Bear.

When the furry Yin Yang Bear was summoned, it looked rather dispirited. Its enormous body leaned heavily onto the vegetation on its side, crushing several large bushes under its huge form.

“Grr…..” It felt someone approach and the Yin Yang Bear raised its head wearily. When it saw and recognized that it was the little youth who loved to rub himself on its stomach, it then closed its eyes and went back to its slumber.

Jun Wu Xie raised her hand and a faint glow covered her palm. She put her hand gently over the Yin Yang Bear’s head and the soft glow slowly spread itself over the Yin Yang Bear’s entire body till it completely enveloped the huge form.

Qiao Chu looked at Jun Xie curiously as he did not know what was going on. But Li Zi Mu’s eyes were bulging, his face in total disbelief as he stared at the scene before his eyes.

He could not count the number of times he had seen this before. Every time that Gu Li Sheng had instructed him on the Spirit Healing Technique, he would always demonstrate it on a ring spirit. And he could remember everything clearly after the countless times he had seen it. And the scene before his eyes was exactly the same!

“Spirit Healing technique….. Spirit Healing….. You know the Spirit Healing technique….. How….. how can this be…..” Li ZI Mu’s face turned completely white. He might not know how to execute the Spirit Healing technique, but he could at least recognise it.

Jun Xie was just a disciple who had been driven out of the Spirit Healer faculty on the first day! He had been in the faculty barely hours, how could he possibly have learnt the Spirit Healing technique!?

Gu Li Sheng had said it before. For disciples like them who at most had just been introduced to the Spirit Healing technique for a few years, would only be able to lend healing to ring spirits belonging to the third grade and below. If the ring spirit belonged to a grade higher than that, the spiritual power within their bodies would not be able to sustain the amount of consumption required to heal those ring spirits.

Li Zi Mu did not know exactly what grade the massive black and white bear before his eyes belonged to, but he had distinctly felt, at the moment the Yin Yang Bear had appeared, the ring spirit within his body whine and whimper in terror.

For the Yin Yang Bear to have made his fifth grade ring spirit cower in fright, the Yin Yang Bear must belong to a grade that was higher.

And Jun Xie was able to heal a ring spirit beyond the fifth grade so effortlessly here. That level of skill, was way beyond what useless trash like Li Zi Mu could ever dream of, and not even for the top disciple in the Spirit Healer faculty!

“Impossible….. It’s impossible….. How could you know the Spirit Healing technique….. It is just not possible…..” Li Zi Mu’s already white face was turning green with shock. And an unshakable feeling of doom was creeping slowly into his heart.

If Jun Xie truly knew the Spirit Healing technique, the rumours he had spread about Jun Xie earlier would make him the biggest joke!

The Yin Yang Bear was gradually showing visible signs of recovery and was feeling stronger. It slowly began to sit up, straight and towering. Jun Wu Xie retracted her hand and turned to look at Li Zi Mu, whose face was completely drained of blood. She curled up the corners of her mouth and asked softly: “You think I need you?”  

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