GDBBM – Chapter 436

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Chapter 436: “A Stubborn Fool (4)”

“Jun Xie?” Ning Rui tasted the words as they passed his lips. The name that Ah Jing had repeated countless times. His eyes narrowed and he turned around to say to the disciple behind him: “Bring Miss to my office.”

After relaying his order, Ning Rui proceeded to walk off, in a direction bringing him further away from the Headmaster’s office.

Ning Rui sat within his office, his gentle and kindly face was deep in thought. Moments later, a knocking broke the silence and Ning Rui looked up and said: “Come in.”

The door was pushed open and a young lady stepped in, gliding slowly into the room. She saw Ning Rui and lightly greeted: “Daddy wanted me to come over in such a hurry, I wonder what is it for?”

The young lady that just came in, moved as gracefully as a swan, and was just as beautiful as well. She was the one all the disciples in the academy deferentially addressed as Senior Ning, Ning Xin.

Ning Rui looked at his graceful and beautiful daughter with pride and raised his hand to beckon her to sit down before he said: “I saw Ah Jing today.”

“Ah Jing? The dumb kid serving Fan Zhuo where he is holed up in?” Ning Xin asked in reply.

Ning Rui nodded. “Yes, that kid is still as dense as ever and I was able to make him spill everything with just a few kindly words of concern. Fan Zhuo has had a guest in his little bamboo grove this past month, and Fan Jin was the one who brought the guest in.”

“Oh? Fan Zhuo was actually willing to stay with someone else? That’s rather strange.” Ning Xin said with an eyebrow raised.

“The one staying there is someone you know.”


“Jun Xie.”

Astonishment showed just a fleeting moment on Ning Xin’s face, and she recovered quickly.

“Fan Jin really brought that kid there? Why would he do that?” That was just a disciple discarded by the Spirit Healer faculty, why would Fan Jin put in so much effort?

Ning Rui continued: “You asked me to help you locate Jun Xie to use him against Fan Jin, and now you know where he is. But if he continues to stay with Fan Zhuo in the bamboo grove, you would not be able to touch him there.”

Ning Xin thought about it a moment. She did not care whether Jun Xie lived or died. She only wanted to make use of Jun Xie to suppress Fan Jin. Fan Jin was extremely popular and enjoyed a impeccable reputation in the Zephyr Academy, and would not be easily taken down. But this time, Fan Jin had placed a wrong bet and shielded Jun Xie who was constantly hounded by everyone for multiple wrongdoings. That had given Ning Xin the perfect opportunity to take Fan Jin down this time.

During this period, using Jun Xie’s infractions as an excuse, Ning Xin had made people spread unfavourable rumours about Fan Jin, and caused Fan Jin’s stellar reputation to take a big hit.

“There’s no rush. As long as I know where that kid is, your daughter will be able to force him to do what I want.” Ning Xin’s beautiful face was suddenly clouded by a trace of viciousness.

Ning Rui stared at Ning Xin and warned: “In terms of capabilities, Fan Jin is very much stronger than Fan Zhuo, and in the Zephyr Academy, Fan Jin’s reputation has always been one notch higher than yours.”

Ning Xin’s eyes narrowed. With her beautiful face and her guile, she had now become the Zephyr Academy’s most popular and most respected Senior Ning. But no matter how hard she tried, she was unable to take over the position the disciples have in their hearts for Fan Jin.

Ning Rui went on: “Ah Jing told me that Fan Zhuo had a relapse and his illness seems to be getting worse. With the state Fan Zhuo’s body is in, he would not last the year. Without Fan Zhuo, Fan Qi will be without blood kin. Fan Jin is just an adopted child and his reputation has been greatly diminished. But all this is still not enough. Ning Xin, you have never disappointed me. I hope this time, you can come up with a plan good enough, to handle all the issues properly.”

Ning Xin nodded, in tacit understanding of what Ning Rui had clearly meant by “handle all the issues”.




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