GDBBM – Chapter 437

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Chapter 437: “A Stubborn Fool  (5)”

The position of the Headmaster of the Zephyr Academy, had always been passed down from father to son.

The previous Headmaster of the Zephyr Academy was the Master of Fan Qi and Ning Rui. Their Master had no offsprings and he had handed down his position as Headmaster to his disciple, Fan Qi.

According to tradition, if Fan Zhuo remains alive, Fan Qi would be able to relinquish his Headmaster’s position to Fan Zhuo. But if Fan Zhuo were to die, the fact remains that Fan Jin is only an adopted child. However, Fan Jin’s exceedingly high popularity in the Zephyr Academy might just be able to push him up to legitimately succeed the position.

For Ning Rui to assume the position, he would have to get rid of the two sons of Fan Qi’s before it would be possible.

Seeing through her father’s intentions, Ning Xin was naturally happy to lend a hand to make it possible.     

“In another two weeks, it would be the day we conduct the Spirit Hunt. At that time, all those seniors who are mentoring our new disciples will have to bring their new charges into the Battle Spirit Forest. Jun Xie is under Fan Jin’s charge and they will have to go together. Fan Jin might be rather powerful, but if a dumb kid who knows nothing is following behind him with his every step, would be still be able to perform to his full potential?” Ning Xin laughed softly, hiding the laughter behind her hand.

Fan Jin had only himself to blame, to have stupidly chosen Jun Xie.

“That kid named Jun Xie, how much do you know about him? How are you so sure he would be a burden and not an asset to Fan Jin?” Nin Rui asked cautiously.

“That kid was sharing the same room with Yin Yan previously but had moved out later. I’ve had him checked out. He possesses an orange spirit and a beast type ring spirit. His spiritual power might not be too shabby, but his ring spirit is however of a very low grade, an ordinary black cat. I would even say it’s a useless ring spirit.” Ning Xin replied, her voice laced with contempt. Attaining a orange spirit at fourteen was a great feat, but within the Zephyr Academy, there were a few sixteen or seventeen year old orange spirits as well, but the number was very small. However, the ring spirits those people possessed, were not what an ordinary black cat could match up to.

In a battle at this level, it was still largely dependant on their ring spirits.

‘“If that is really the case, it would be good for us. But Jun Xie is not like other disciples, he doesn’t even go to the faculty. If you want to force him to go with Fan Jin to partake in the Spirit Hunt, it might not be that easy to convince him. But I have an idea that might just work.” Ning Rui said.

“I would implore my Daddy to teach me a thing or two.”

“That Jun Xie might be staying in the bamboo grove, but he is on bad terms with Ah Jing. Ah Jing is easily swayed and he has his reservations about Jun Xie after hearing all the gossip and rumours all over the academy. Ah Jing is currently looking to drive Jun Xie out of the bamboo grove and if you are to tell him that you can help him attain his wish, it might make your mission easier.” Ning Rui said with a smile.

Ning Xin’s eyes sparkled. The little bamboo grove had been assigned by Fan Qi to be Fan Zhuo’s private dwelling to allow him a place for recuperation. Anyone besides people from the Fan family were not allowed to intrude without permission. If she could enlist Ah Jing’s help in this, it would make things very easy for her.

“I will immediately get Yin Yan to get closer to Ah Jing.” Ning Xin already had an idea in her head. She had always pulled the strings from behind and had Yin Yan do all the work. She had thought that if by any chance, any of her schemes blew its cover someday, she would be able to flatly deny it all.

“Yin Yan seems very useful to you and listens to you a lot. It was fortunate that I did everything I could to have Fan Jin diverted away at that time.” Ning Rui’s face was smug as he recalled the incident.

With Fan Jin’s personality, he would not reject a new disciple for no rhyme or reason. And Ning Rui had hatched a scheme and arranged everything, hidden in the background. He knew that Gu Li Sheng would secretly observe the new disciples right after they were admitted. On that first night in the Zephyr Academy for the new disciples, Ning Rui had noticed Gu Li Sheng nod slightly when he was observing Yin Yan and Ning Rui knew that to be a sign that Gu Li Sheng intended to recruit Yin Yan into the Spirit Healer faculty. He had taken specific measures to have Fan Jin reject him and leave, and made Yin Yan bore hatred for Fan Jin. Yin Yan had instead become completely loyal to Ning Xin, who had selflessly saved Yin Yan from his “humiliation and embarrassment.”  

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