GDBBM – Chapter 435

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Chapter 435: “A Stubborn Fool (3)”

Fan Qi shook his head and said: “That is the person Gu Li Sheng personally picked, I will naturally trust him.”

Fan Jin was completely shocked.

“Father! You know! ?”

Fan Qi looked at his own son in the eyes and said: “I might be old, but I am not foolish. Do you think without my consent, Gu Li Sheng would be able to put up his “sleight of hand” performance within the Zephyr Academy? I do not only know that Jun Xie is the real disciple that Gu Li Sheng picked, I am also aware of groundless but malicious rumours sweeping across the whole campus. You might want to know, that the jade emblem of the Beast Spirit faculty in Jun Xie’s hands was issued by me personally.”

After Fan Jin heard his father’s words, he suddenly laughed.

“Since Father trusts Little Xie’s character, all these things would be easy to arrange! Uncle Gu really have very keen eyes, the Little Xie that he picked was actually able to exceed him in the Spirit Healing technique! That surely proves Little Xie cannot be measured against the same yardstick used for normal youths. Father, just let Jun Xie have a go at it!”

Under Fan Jin’s persistent and unwavering persuasion, Fan Qi finally agreed to allow Jun Xie to temporarily care for Fan Zhuo’s condition. But if any situation beyond Jun Xie’s capabilities were to arise, he must at the first instance inform Fan Jin and Fan Qi, and was not to hide anything about Fan Zhuo’s condition from him.

Having gotten the answer he wanted, Fan Jin was all smiles when he walked out of the Headmaster’s office.

And hidden in a place near the office, Ah Jing was still holding his bruised cheek, thinking he had been unfairly victimised as he watched the departing figure of Fan Jin.

He saw Fan Jin’s happy expression and Ah Jing’s heart sank. Judging from that reaction, he feared the Headmaster must have believed the Elder Young Master, and that must mean that Jun Xie would still be staying on in the bamboo grove in the days ahead.

When that thought came into his mind, Ah Jing was suddenly filled with dread.

If even the Headmaster believed Jun Xie’s lies, who else would be able to save his Young Master! ?

“Ah Jing? What are you doing here?”

Suddenly, a voice tinged with query sounded from behind Ah Jing.

Ah Jing was startled and he hurriedly turned his head. Ah Jing saw an slightly elderly man who was about the same age as Fan Qi, looking at him with a kindly expression.

“Vice Headmaster!” Ah Jing realised who the man was and quickly bowed in greeting.

The Vice Headmaster waved his hand dismissively and his gaze caught sight of the red and swollen cheek on Ah Jing’s face. He asked in slight surprise: “What happened?”

Ah Jing’s eyes reddened and he looked into the gentle and benign face of Vice Head Ning.

Vice Head Ning’s name was Ning Rui and he was the Vice Headmaster of the Zephyr Academy. He was also a fellow disciple of the Headmaster Fan Qi, both of them having been mentored under the same Master. He was known to be a amicable and impartial man.

Ah Jing’s thoughts were filled with concern for his Young Master’s predicament and Ah Jing suddenly pleaded: “Vice Head Ning, will you save my Young Master! ?”

“Little Zhuo had a relapse?” Ning Rui’s brow furrowed and he asked with concern.

Ah Jing was blustering in tears and his nose was running as he related every detail of the events that had happened to Ning Rui. Ning Rui was the Vice Headmaster and Fan Qi trusted him a lot. Ah Jing was hoping that Ning Rui would be able to speak to Fan Qi and convince him to drive Jun Xie out of the bamboo grove.

After listening to Ah Jing, the look on Ning Rui’s face was one of shock.

“Entrusting Little Zhuo into the care of a fourteen year old sounds like a rather careless thing to do.” Ning Rui reasoned.

“Not just that, that Jun Xie’s reputation in the academy cannot be any worse! How can they leave the Young Master in the hands of such a person! ? The Headmaster must have gotten muddled.” Ah Jing sobbed.

Ning Rui comforted Ah Jing a little and promised to speak with the Headmaster about it, to see if Fan Qi would change his mind.

Having gotten Ning Rui’s assurance, Ah Jing was relieved. He thanked Ning Rui profusely and finally left wiping his tears after Ning Rui coaxed him a little.

As he watched Ah Jing’s disappearing back, the sympathy in Ning Rui’s eyes suddenly disappeared, not leaving a single trace behind.

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