GDBBM – Chapter 434

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Chapter 434: “A Stubborn Fool (2)”

“That was not due to her ability! Young Master’s illness had relapsed like this before and there was one time that the Young Master recovered without any treatment at all! It must have been the same this time and Jun Xie had just coincidentally been there as well! How old is Jun Xie? How can he possibly know how to cure the Young Master! ? The Young Master’s recovery could not possibly have anything to do with him and he had shamelessly claimed all the credit for himself! Jun Xie is truly incorrigible!” Ah Jing screamed in response.

A loud slap suddenly sounded in the office!

Unable to hold back his rage, Fan Jin had whipped out his hand and slapped Ah Jing across his face. Ah Jing’s cheek immediately swelled and he held his burning cheek in his hand, his eyes wide with shock as they stared at the fuming Fan Jin.

Fan Qi, who had been silent all this while sighed and said to Ah Jing in a soft voice: “Ah Jing, why don’t you leave first. I’ll speak to Fan Jin.”

Ah Jing was still holding his stinging cheek and he bit his lip as he withdrew himself from the room.

Fan Jin watched Ah Jing leave and he slammed the door shut after. He turned on his feet and sat down in a chair in a huff.

“You know very well what Ah Jing is like, why would you take him so seriously?” Fan Qi looked at his fuming son and shook his head helplessly.

Fan Jin was still frustrated as he replied: “I had not thought it was that bad, but this time, he has really gone overboard. I am very sure of Jun Xie’s character. That boy does not speak much, but he has never consciously provoked anyone. Little Zhuo’s relapse this time was all due to Jun Xie’s timely treatment that his condition stabilised or I really dare not imagine what would have happened to Little Zhuo now. Ah Jing heard all the gossip and rumours in the academy and he believed them so easily and arbitrarily decided Jun Xie to be a scheming person. He is so hopelessly naive.”

“I don’t think you came all the way here to see me just for this.” Fan Qi said suddenly to Fan Jin, with a sparkle in his eyes.

Fan Jin sat up straight and cleared his throat with a light cough.

“I came to see you about Little Zhuo.”

“How is Little Zhuo now?” Fan Qi heard that Fan Zhuo had had a relapse and he had been worried. But Fan Jin’s appearance in the office had made him feel a little relieved.

If Fan Jin would leave his brother’s side, Fan Zhuo’s condition must have stabilised.

“He is sound asleep. It’s all thanks to Little Xie. I had not thought that at such a young age, he would possess such excellent skills in medicine…..” When the topic on Jun Xie’s medical skills came up, Fan Jin’s face lit up brightly and he excitedly related in detail how Jun Xie’s amazing skills had saved his little brother to Fan Qi.

Fan Qi was at first seated calm and collected in his chair, but as Fan Jin’s detailed description continued, Fan Qi’s eyes grew wide, his face filled with amazement.

“Is everything you are telling me really true?” Fan Qi asked in shock after he heard Fan Jin’s words.

He knew Fan Jin’s personality very well. Although the two brothers were not related by blood, they had however grown up together and were very close. Fan Jin had always been very protective of his weak and sickly brother and if anyone were to want to harm Fan Zhuo, Fan Jin would be the first one to stand up to defend his brother.

Hence, Fan Qi strongly believed that everything that Fan Jin was telling him today, was absolutely true.

“It’s true, Father. I came here today to ask for your permission to allow Jun Xie to take over Little Zhuo’s treatment.” Fan Jin said suddenly.

“That…..” Fan Qi was however hesitant. No matter how much he trusted his eldest son, the fact remained that Jun Xie was still only a fourteen year old. No matter what remarkable abilities Jun Xie possessed, he was still a very young child, how could he possibly be able to treat Fan Zhuo’s illness?

“Father, we have no other choice left. The Qing Yun Clan is no longer around and all the other doctors and physicians had been helpless. Rather than waiting indefinitely like this, why don’t we take gamble?” Fan Jin said determinedly. “If it is because of all the rumours and gossips going around in the academy that is making you doubt Jun Xie, I, as your own son, am willing to personally vouch for him. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Jun Xie’s character.”       

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