GDBBM – Chapter 433

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Chapter 433: “A Stubborn Fool (1)”

As he stared at Fan Zhuo sleeping peacefully, Fan Jin’s mind was in a whirl. The Qing Yun Clan is gone and Fan Zhuo’s illness was worsening. Father had invited the best doctors here but they had not been able to cure Fan Zhuo. If things continued on like this…..

Fan Jin’s fists were tightly clenched. Fan Jin checked and when he saw that Fan Zhuo was still sound asleep, he suddenly got up and made his way towards the Headmaster’s office in the Zephyr Academy.

As Fan Jin stood before the door, he was about to knock when he heard Ah Jing’s voice coming out from behind it.

“Headmaster Sir, please go see Young Master at once. If we allow Jun Xie to continue tormenting the Young Master, I’m afraid he will…..”

Fan Jin’s heart sank, and he kicked the door open with a resounding crash.

“Ah Jing! Who allowed you to come here and spout such nonsense! ?” Fan Jin stared angrily at Ah Jing in disbelief who was standing in the office with red rimmed eyes. He had not expected that Ah Jing would actually come straight to his father to carry such tall tales barely moments after he had scolded Ah Jing.

“El….. Elder Young Master…..” Ah Jing did not expect to see Fan Jin here and his face was a complete panic.

The elderly man seated behind the desk had dark hair streaked with white at the sides, and his face was benign and kindly. When he saw Fan Jin at the door after it opened with a loud crash, his expression registered surprise.

“What brings you here, my son?” The Headmaster of the Zephyr Academy, Fan Qi, asked gently. He was Fan Jin’s and Fan Zhuo’s father and he held the highest authority in the whole Zephyr Academy.

“Father, please do not believe a word of what Ah Jing is telling you. I know Jun Xie better than Ah Jing does and he is definitely not the kind of person Ah Jing had portrayed him to be.” Fan Jin was already feeling very confused and he was quietly blaming within his heart that Ah Jing was making things more complicated now. Fan Jin was just contemplating how he was going to convince Fan Qi to allow Jun Xie to take over Fan Zhuo treatment when he had stumbled upon this scene of Ah Jing defaming Jun Xie viciously.

If it was not for Ah Jing’s unwavering loyalty to Fan Zhuo all this years, Fan Jin would have just followed his rage and struck the stubborn fool dead at that moment and rid himself of that persistent hindrance.

“Elder Young Master! Do not be bewitched by that Jun Xie! Don’t you know what kind of rumours are being spread in the academy about you because of Jun Xie? Jun Xie has never had any relations with both our Young Masters before and it was due to the Elder Young Master’s kindness that the Elder Young Master agreed to mentor Jun Xie. But Jun Xie had instead implicated our Elder Young Master and damaged his outstanding reputation. If he was really such a great person, he would not have dragged his feet and avoided showing up at the Beast Spirit faculty. Jun Xie had shamelessly stayed put at the Young Master’s place although he must know by doing that he will put the Elder Young Master’s reputation in question. Jun Xie is plainly taking advantage of our two Young Masters’ kindness!” Ah Jing exhorted, intending to wake Fan Jin to face the truth.

If it had only affected Fan Jin, he might still be able to disregard it. But when Jun Xie’s claws were stretching over Fan Zhuo, Ah Jing could not hold himself back any longer.

“That is pure slander! Little Xie will never become the kind of person you are talking about! What was he supposed to do at the Beast Spirit faculty? To allow himself to be picked on by all those other disciples! ?” Fan Jin was staring at Ah Jing in wide eyed fury.

Ah Jing cowered. But when he remembered that Jun Xie was still staying at the bamboo grove, he dragged the courage from within himself.

“Why would the others pick on him? It was because he committed many despicable deeds! If he had felt any remorse, he should have stepped forward to apologise. But he had hid under Elder Young Master’s wing and not mentioned a word of the wrongs he had committed. That’s how scheming he is!”

Ah Jing was simply driving Fan Jin mad. Fan Jin had always thought that Ah Jing was not very bright but had no other negative traits. But now, he had just discovered one more undesirable trait of Ah Jing. Ah Jing heard only what he wanted to hear and believe, and it was really stretching his patience very thin.

“He is scheming? If he is really as scheming as you say, why did he save Little Zhuo’s life! ?” Fan Jin was already shouting.


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