GDBBM – Chapter 432

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Chapter 432: “Malady or Poison (7)”

Ah Jing trembled as a chill ran up his spine upon hearing a voice say “noisy”. He turned to look towards the doorway and when his eyes saw the figure of Jun Xie, he started screaming.

“Elder Young Master! Elder Young Master!” Ah Jing was so frightened he could not say anything else.

“Ah Jing!” Fan Jin raised his voice to be heard over the screaming. He picked Ah Jing up with one hand and carried Ah Jing to go beside Fan Zhuo’s bed.

The shaking Ah Jing saw Fan Zhuo lying quietly on the bed and noticed that his complexion had returned to normal. Fan Zhuo did not seem to be in any discomfort and looked to be peacefully asleep. Ah Jing pointed at Fan Zhuo and said to Fan Jin: “I saw it….. I saw Jun Xie use….. use very long needles and stabbed them into Young Master’s body.”

“Ah Jing, Little Zhuo is doing fine. Little Xie was giving him treatment earlier and you misunderstood.” Fan Jin said with a sigh. Ah Jing was extremely loyal to Fan Zhuo and cared for his little brother well. But he wasn’t too bright and had a one track mind.

Ah Jing was quiet as he stared still frightened, at Jun Xie and turned his eyes back to Fan Zhuo. Finally, he went to the side of Fan Zhuo’s bed and felt the side of his neck for a pulse. After making sure that Fan Zhuo was alright, he turned to looking at Jun Xie, still not entirely convinced.

Jun Wu Xie had remained leaning against the door frame and her eyes were still cold. She was not displeased, but neither was there joy.

“Elder Young Master, how old is Master Jun? How would he know medicine?” Ah Jing continued to grumble.

Fan Jin’s brow furrowed suddenly.

“Quiet. I want to sleep.” Jun Wu Xie did not have the patience to carry on with Ah Jing and curtly threw down her warning before turning and walking back to her room.

That intensive treatment had taken quite a bit out of her and she needed to sort out her thoughts a little bit before she can piece together the various clues she had gathered from Fan Zhuo’s body.

After Jun Xie left, Fan Jin stared at Ah Jing with a look of disapproval.

“Ah Jing, what are you saying? I saw with my own eyes how Little Xie had saved my little brother. Do you think I am blind?” Fan Jin reprimanded Ah Jing with a stern face.

Ah Jing looked at Fan Jin looking like he had been victimised.

“If Young Master’s illness can be so easily treated, it wouldn’t have dragged on till now. I know Elder Young Master likes Master Jun, but the Young Master is your brother! The Young Master has suffered so much over the years and had been treated by so many top doctors but his condition still had not improved. Jun Xie is so young, how can he possibly be able to cure the Young Master? I have heard everything. That Jun Xie has an extremely bad reputation in the academy and he had even dragged our Elder Young Master down together with him. Elder Young Master, you are not related to that Jun Xie in any way, why do you defend him so much?”

Saying that a young fourteen year old kid could cure someone when countless top doctors had been helpless was the biggest joke he had ever heard.

Fan Jin told Ah Jing in anger: “I do not want any of those words to spew forth from your mouth again. Whoever Jun Xie is, I will judge for myself and I do not need anyone to tell me otherwise. If you think you have too much time on your hands here, I can get my father to send you back to the academy, so that you won’t have to concern yourself with all these rumours.”

Ah Jing panicked upon hearing Fan Jin’s words.

“Elder Young Master, I don’t want to go! I want to take care of Young Master! The Young Master is my saviour! My life belongs to the Young Master!”

Ah Jing had started crying once again as he pleaded.

“Alright. There is nothing here for you to do now. Go get some rest.”Fan Jin was afraid Ah Jing’s crying would disturb Jun Xie’s rest and he hurriedly dismissed Ah Jing with a frown on his face.

Ah Jing left reluctantly and an idea formed in his head.

The Elder Young Master was being too nice to Jun Xie and that had dragged the Young Master together into the muck. If this was allowed to continue, who knew what Jun Xie would eventually do to harm the two Young Masters? He decided that he needed to go see the Headmaster and tell him everything, to have the Headmaster drive the scheming Jun Xie out of the bamboo grove!

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