GDBBM – Chapter 431

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 Chapter 431: “Malady or Poison (6)”

Jun Wu Xie looked at Fan Jin and said without emotion: “It wouldn’t have made a difference even if they did not disappear.”

If she was finding it bothersome to treat, the Qing Yun Clan would not even know where to start.

The Qing Yun Clan’s inadequate knowledge in medicine amounted to absolutely nothing in Jun Wu Xie’s eyes.

“Huh?” Fan Jin exclaimed, taken aback by Jun Xie’s reply.

“If you believe me, let me treat your little brother.” Jun Wu Xie said suddenly.

Fan Jin did not hesitate when he replied: “Absolutely! But…..” Fan Jin’s voice trailed off.

“Little Zhuo’s health condition had always been handled my our father. I will need to speak with him about this first.”

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

Fan Jin broke into a smile immediately: “I did not think you would possess such skills! You have helped Little Zhuo greatly and I do not know how to thank you.”

He had initially agreed to mentor Jun Xie due to Gu Li Sheng’s request. He had stoically defended the little boy thereafter because he had sincerely grown to like the fiercely independant kid. Jun Xie might possess a rather cold personality, but he was not difficult to get along with. He was forthright and did not play mind games or resort to trickery. He had developed a genuine fondness for Jun Xie’s uncomplicated character.

And now, Jun Xie had saved Fan Zhuo, and that made Fan Jin very grateful.

“Rent.” Jun Wu Xie said simply.

Fan Jin paused a long while before he realised what Jun Xie had meant.

“You’re saying you saved Little Zhuo because he allowed you to stay here?”

His dear little brother’s life in exchange for rent…..

Fan Jin did not know whether to laugh or cry at Jun Xie’s logic. Jun Xie was undoubtedly a highly intelligent kid, but the ignorance he displayed sometimes really made him want to laugh out loud.

Jun Wu Xie nodded, her face earnestly serious.

Fan Jin could not hold it in anymore and he burst out in laughter. He raised his hand to pat Jun Xie on the shoulder as tears formed in his eyes.

“Little Xie, you’re really something. It’s really dirty here. Let me clean it all up and you go rest a little.” He knew that Jun Xie abhorred the filth and smell in here and Fan Jin shooed Jun Xie out of the room to go rest.

Jun Wu Xie did not feel bashful in the least and immediately took him up on the offer and left carrying the little black cat in her arms as soon as he said that.

As the eldest son of the Headmaster of the Zephyr Academy, Fan Jin was cleaning up a room for the first time in his life. He stared at the mess and filth a long while but lowered his head in determination to take on the unfamiliar task ahead.

When the room was relatively cleaned, Fan Jin was totally exhausted and had just slumped into a chair to take a drink of water when he suddenly heard a desperate screaming coming from behind him which made him jump up in fright.

He turned his head and saw Ah Jing standing at the door in fury, holding a kitchen cleaver in his hand.  

They stared at each other and both of them were rendered speechless by what they saw.

“Ah Jing! What are you doing! ?” Fan Jin was still in shock as he looked at Ah Jing. He did not know the usually soft spoken and submissive Ah Jing had such a maniacal side to him.

“El….. Elder Young Master…..” Ah Jing stuttered when he saw Fan Jin in the room. The forcibly summoned courage that had sustained Ah Jing dissipated completely out of him when his eyes saw Fan Jin and he suddenly slumped onto the ground while the cleaver in his hand clattered noisily on the floor.

“Elder Young Master! You’ve come here at last….. That….. that Jun Xie was trying to kill the Young Master! Elder Young Master! You have to save the Young Master!” Ah Jing was in tears as he knelt by Fan Jin’s feet, crying pleadingly.

Fan Jin did not know how to react and before he could open his mouth to say anything, a small figure had appeared at the door.

Jun Wu Xie leaned lazily against the doorway, her arms crossed over her chest, as she stared coldly at the bawling figure grabbing at Fan Jin’s leg.

“Little Xie, why are you not resting?” Fan Jin asked, turning his head to look at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie bit her lip in impatience and simply said:


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