GDBBM – Chapter 413

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Chapter 413: “Defamation (5)”

With Fan Jin’s stern warning, the other youths did not dare object, but their eyes showed that they were not convinced.

On the second level, Senior Ning observed everything that was going on and her attractive lips curled up. She raised a hand and pointed it at Fan Jin who was saying something to Jun Xie and said: “Fan Jin messed up big time. It seems that the brat Jun Xie can really put up a good act, having fooled Fan Jin so completely. I think, if that brat had not revealed to Fan Jin that he would be admitted into the Spirit Healer faculty, I do not think Fan Jin would have been so eager to be his mentor. I wonder, now that his hopes have clearly been dashed, he must be feeling mighty disappointed. Don’t you think so, Little Yan?”

Yin Yan’s face was split with a wide sinister smile. Seeing Fan Jin’s hopes completely dashed made him happier than anyone else.

“Remember the year you had just been admitted? Fan Jin was supposed to mentor you but he totally disobeyed the Vice Headmaster and adamantly refused to lead you into the academy. Do you still remember the humiliation when everyone laughed at you?” Senior Ning turned her eyes to Yin Yan to say.

Yin Yan replied with his eyes narrowed: “I will never forget that day, when Fan Jin brought me untold shame and disgrace.”

That year, Yin Yan had just been admitted into the Zephyr Academy and Fan Jin had not joined the Spirit Battle Tournament yet. He had not been ranked and was selected to be a mentor to the new intake of disciples. At that time, Yin Yan had been allocated to Fan Jin. Yin Yan’s innate talent was rather strong and he had caught the eye of the Vice Headmaster. He had specially instructed Fan Jin take care of the new junior but who knew Fan Jin had suddenly refused him outright, disobeying the Vice Headmaster’s request, and stormed off without even giving Yin Yan a single glance.

Since that day, Yin Yan became the butt of many jokes among a lot of the other disciples. Being rejected by Fan Jin, had made him look to be too weak and if it had not been for Senior Ning, who had extended her hand to help him by accepting Yin Yan as her ward, he might have left the academy under the jeers and abuse of the other disciples.

Soon after, Yin Yan had been fortunate enough to be selected to join the Spirit Healer faculty and that had wiped the slate clean for him. But Fan Jin’s rejection had left an indelible mark on Yin Yan and he had not been able to get over it.

“Isn’t this a good chance for you? Let Fan Jin take a good and proper look at you now. At how outstanding you have become after he rejected you before everyone then. And how weak the Jun Xie he had picked himself actually was compared to you.” Senior Ning coaxed with a benign smile on her lips.

Yin Yan smiled darkly and nodded: “My senior is wise, your junior has learnt a lot.”

After saying that, Yin Yan walked down to the ground level.

On the ground level of the dining hall, the noisy commotion had died down with the appearance of Fan Jin.

“Don’t worry, I will go ask Uncle Gu what is really going on.” Fan Jin looked at Jun Xie cold and expressionless face and was somehow feeling helpless. He did not doubt Jun Xie, just for the fact that Jun Xie had broken through to an orange spirit at the young age of fourteen was what many people could never even hope for. Moreover, even being so young, Jun Xie was nevertheless extremely sensible and intelligent, all these traits could not have possibly escaped Gu Li Sheng’s eyes.

And now, he was being told that Gu Li Sheng had picked the douchebag Li Zi Mu over Jun Xie, that did not sit well with him at all.

Jun Xie replied simply: “No need.”

Fan Jin sighed and patted Jun Xie reassuringly on the shoulder. “Forget it, don’t eat here anymore. I’ll bring you someplace good, I guarantee the food will be better than what they serve here.”

Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly. Although she wasn’t hungry, she did not want to reject Fan Jin’s good intentions shown to her.

Jun Wu Xie had come a ways since her being reborn, and she was just starting to be able to accept the good in others, and was gradually learning to accept and reciprocate.

And just as the two of them were about to leave, a voice suddenly rose from one side.

“Having Senior Fan protect his junior Jun Xie might be completely understandable, but if the junior had committed a wrong and do not even offer a simple apology, that might seem just a little bit too much.”

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